Is it worth drinking water with lemon?

Drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach is a way for many people to start the day. Water with lemon is attributed to numerous health properties.We verify which ones are justified in scientific research, and which are only repeated myths often. Check whether it is worth drinking water from lemon.

Starting the day with a glass of water with lemon is always the current trend in the field of health and nutrition. We pay more attention to vitamin C and protection against colds, summer irrigation and refreshing the body.” Drinking lemon water has many advantages. Some of them confirm scientific reports, others – the experience of many people using this drink in the morning. A lot of myths have grown around drinking lemon and water.We verify popular information and check if it’s worth drinking water with lemon.

Water with lemon – how to prepare?

The preparation of lemon and water is very easy: a glass of water is enough to squeeze the lemon juice and stir in. Sour taste lovers can squeeze in. All kinds of additives are allowed, such as honey, mint, cinnamon or ginger. the lemon has not been resolved, there are both those who like drinking a cold as well as a warm drink, butprobably the temperature of the water does not have any noticeable effect on the properties of the drink.


Water with lemon – when to drink?

Water with lemon is recommended to drink in the morning, preferably just after waking up, about half an hour before the first meal.To notice a beneficial effect on the body, it should be regularly taken for at least two weeks.The glass of water with lemon provides only 9 kcal and cover the body’s demand for vitamin C in 25% is a tasty drink and an alternative to clean water.


Is it worth drinking water with lemon? Health benefits confirmed scientifically

Lemon juice is a source of flavonoids – antioxidant compounds that protect the DNA and body proteins of the body from damage by free radicals, which can reduce the risk of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and cardiovascular diseases.” Lemon flavonoids affect to lower blood pressure and increase the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, thanks to which they participate in the prevention of diabetes.The reduction of oxidative stress and the damage caused by them has been confirmed in animal studies.

Water with lemon helps to get rid of kidney stones.Lemon juice is rich in citric acid – a compound that prevents the binding of calcium and the formation of insoluble kidney stones.Numerous studies in humans have confirmed that citric acid esters help dissolve existing kidney stones and prevent the formation of new ones.

Water with lemon pita on an empty stomach perfectly waters.Lemon water has many features of clean water.One of them is hydration of the body.The drink can be even a bit more effective because it contains more electrolytes than water alone.To supplement the lack of fluid in the body after the night, it is worth reaching for water with lemon in the morning.

Water with lemon helps to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.Water with lemon is helpful during weight loss, because its drinking causes a feeling of fullness and satiety.When the stomach is full, we feel less hunger.

Water with lemon helps digestion.A large amount of drunk fluids supports the movement of food along the digestive tract.Lemon juice can accelerate the secretion of bile, so that fat from food is more efficiently emulsified and digested faster.

Water with lemon helps cleanse the body of toxins.In analogy to pure water, drinking a lot of water with lemon results in increased diureticity, faster removal of toxins from the body and their higher dilution.

Water with lemon improves memory and concentration.Better ability to focus and faster thought processes is again due to adequate hydration of the body.

Water with lemon helps to maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the body.Lemon, despite the acid taste, after consumption has an alkalizing effect on the body.With the consumption of a large amount of vegetables and fruits, it participates in the maintenance of the acid-base balance of body fluids.


It will be useful to you

The advantages of drinking water with lemon in the feeling of people using it

In the morning it stimulates better than coffee – the refreshing lemon flavor can have a stimulating effect.More life energy also results from the proper hydration of the body.

It helps to keep the skin young – Vitamin C present in lemon juice is one of the vitamins of youth.It participates in the production of collagen, improves skin firmness and tension.

It protects against colds – studies show that additional doses of vitamin C are effective in protecting against infections only in case of deficiencies in the body.

Freshens breath – drinking a glass of water with lemon helps to get rid of the smell of a distinctive dish or alcohol.

It relieves heartburn – sour drink can have a positive effect on the esophageal sphincter muscles and improve their closing.

It helps in the fight against constipation – drinking a glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach helps many people to regulate the rhythm of bowel movements.


Myths about drinking water with lemon

Water with lemon is attributed to many health properties, but some of them are myths that do not find any confirmation.


MYTH 1. Lemon water helps you lose weight thanks to the presence of soluble fiber (pectin), which provides a feeling of fullness.

Fiber, in fact, has this effect, but there are traces of lemon juice in it. The most fiber is found in the peel and white lemon pips.


MYTH 2. Drinking water with lemon raises IQ

Better memory and focus are the result of proper hydration of the brain for drinking water, not necessarily lemon, and the drink itself has no qualities to improve intelligence.


MYTH 3. Thanks to alkalizing action, water with lemon helps fight cancer

This myth results from the statement that cancer cells can not grow in a basic environment, but it turns out that although the cancer prefers an acidic environment, it can also grow in alkaline, and it also has the ability to acidify the space around itself.

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