Salt – how to make friends with the enemy?

Sodium chloride, or table salt, is present in our lives almost every day. Salt is found in virtually every food. In our body, it is primarily responsible for water regulation and optimizes basic life functions. Unfortunately, by haste and unwise food, we often take it too much, which can be detrimental to health and the cause of many diseases.

A large amount of salt leads to considerable problems

According to the World Health Organization, we eat up to 3 times more salt than we need. The Polish Society of Cardiology is also signed under these data. In this situation, salt from a friend who cares, among others o The proper functioning of our water management can become an enemy.

Its excess influences the increase in blood pressure, adversely affects the functioning of the kidneys and liver, as well as the concentration of cholesterol. Permanent overdosing of salt causes that we feel tiredness, and our skin loses its firmness and radiance. Such disorders lead to obesity, and in the worst case to diabetes and other serious ailments.


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How much salt is appropriate?

Many doctors recommend the consumption of salt on levels of 1 to 3 grams per day. This is the amount that corresponds to the capacity of a flat teaspoon. How should you eat so as not to exceed the optimal dose? First of all, one should get used to excessive salting of dishes. It should be remembered that the food products we buy have salt in them. It happens that it is added by the manufacturers to enhance the taste. Therefore, pay attention to the packaging on which we can find information about the percentage of the Daily Intake (GDA) of individual ingredients. For our health, we should give up too often reaching for preserves, processed meats, low-quality cheeses, crisps, sticks, or less frequent fast food.

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Let’s control what we eat

Of course, we do not have to immediately give up our old habits. It’s better to start with small and gradual steps. For example, instead of reaching for a fat and salty burger during a break at work, let’s choose a sandwich with vegetables and thin sausage. What is also important is what we drink. It will be healthy to reach for water with a low and constant sodium content. Among the available waters we can also find those with a very low content of this element, for example, the spring water of Złoty Potok. It is a natural water, characterized by a constant low sodium content (0.0001%), which is recommended for people with hypertension, kidney and cardiovascular diseases.

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We are easily accustomed to a small amount of salt
If we care about the expressive taste of our dishes, we can always replace the salt with other spices. It can be for example basil, oregano, thyme, parsley or curry. They will emphasize the taste and aroma of our favorite dishes, and at the same time will not increase the amount of salt in our body. It is also worth knowing that our taste buds will get used to a smaller amount of salt after a few days and we will appreciate the natural taste values ​​of vegetables and meat again.

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