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The biggest aspect of this disease is the effect on well-being.

Often this condition causes not only skin scars, but also profound changes in the young person’s psyche. This is manifested mainly in social contacts. People who have acne feel worse than their peers who have no skin problems.

What causes acne?

Acne is caused by three main factors that make up
– clogged by excess fat and contamination of pores \ n- bacteria living on the skin \ n- excessive fat production through the skin

We distinguish several types of acne, but the most popular is youthful, otherwise known as common. It affects adolescents during puberty.

The occurrence of this acne is caused

One of several forms of acne is comedones. They are usually located in the area of ​​the beard, nose, chest and back. Blackheads are characterized by dark dots and blackheads.


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Deep acne, however, is characterized by deep purulent infiltrates in the form of nodules. This type of acne, untreated, leaves unsightly marks in the form of scars and swellings on the skin.

Strict adherence to cleanliness in acne patients is necessary. It is recommended to wash the skin with water and rub it with a thread moistened in a herbal solution.

Ideally, if they are herbs, it is also worth to buy amber milk.
Treatment of severe acne varieties should be under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Recommended products for the treatment of acne

Vitamin E and selenium as well as chromium help in combating acne.

Rosacea is another variation of this ailment. He touches adults. It is characterized by erythematous eruptions, papulloids and pustules. It is located primarily on the forehead, nose and nasolabial folds. It causes itching or burning.

The basis of this disease is above all

The treatment of rosacea is based on eliminating disorders of the digestive system, administration of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and sedative agents. \ NIt can also help herbs with a calming effect and improving metabolism.

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An example of a herbal mixture recommended for people with rosacea

In the treatment of various types of acne, vaccines are often recommended. Phototherapy, laser therapy, physical therapy and cryotherapy can also help us.