Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.Hardly anyone hearing these words will associate them with the most serious disease of the twentieth century, which is AIDS.What is AIDS really?This disease means the syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency.The whole world describes this disease as AIDS, except France, in which we often hear its different name about the sound of SIDA.Already the name implies that the symptoms of AIDS are caused by damage to the immune system.

The discovery of the infectious agent, which is a virus, gave the opportunity to develop serological diagnostics.Thanks to this diagnosis, it is possible to detect specific antibodies in the blood.With the introduction of this diagnosis, the definition of AIDS has changed somewhat.Today, we translate AIDS as a disease with a specific viral etiology, which is manifested itself in the impairment of cellular immunity, which often manifests itself with various types of fungal infections, protozoa, bacteria.


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HIV viruses have a specific tropism to lymphocytes.In short, the HIV virus attacks lymphocytes that are cells of our immune system.This virus can be transmitted

The period of incubation or incubation of the disease from the moment of infection to the first symptoms ranges from half a year to three years.However, after about 8 weeks, antibodies appear.

We distinguish several stages of AIDS development

At the very beginning of HIV infection, no symptoms are noticeable or noticeable.This is the so-called primary HIV infection.When the body of an infected person begins to fight the virus and produces antibodies against it, we can talk about the first signs of infection.The most common symptoms are then

After this period, the so-called silence follows.However, the amount of lymphocytes is still falling, and our immune system is getting weaker.Another, more radical symptoms that testify to the destruction of our immune system


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According to the study, the HIV virus is in

However, studies have reported that transmission of infection is mainly from an infected person to a healthy person through blood and sperm.To get infected during a kiss, we would need half a liter of saliva.So in this matter the risk of infection is negligible.

Most often, infections occur when a virus in the blood or sperm of a sick person or HIV carrier gets into the blood of a healthy person.Most often it comes to this through

HIV and homosexuals

During anal relations, the risk of getting a virus increases.The mucous membrane of the rectum is very delicate, and during anal intercourse often undergoes injury.The mucous membrane of homosexuals is often inflamed.There are varicose veins and dilatation of blood vessels, and this unfortunately increases the risk of infection.Contained in sperm, or in blood, the virus easily penetrates into the bloodstream.

It is worth mentioning that when we write about homosexual relations, we mean men’s rectal relations.

In the lesbian issue, the risk of infection with the virus intensifies in cases of damage to skin layers, bleeding, or intercourse during the menstruation of one of the lesbians.


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Infections closely related to contact with blood

Relevant regulations have been issued that prohibit the use of blood or blood-like preparations from people who are not tested for HIV.These actions gave the expected results.Once on the list of high risk groups there were blood recipients.This was mainly related to blood transfusion or collection of blood derivatives.

In current times, blood contact is related to the use of the same needles among drug addicts, wounds with surgical instruments, or badly sterilized medical tools.However, these cases are few.However, it is worth remembering that far-reaching caution should be observed in dealing with all patients.This applies to every patient, without exception.Everyone can be a virus carrier, both a patient as well as a nurse or a doctor.

Heterosexual relations

Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes that only homosexuals and drug addicts have a significant risk of becoming infected with the virus, let’s be aware that the virus can hunt anyone, regardless of sexual preferences.Through any sexual intercourse with a virus carrier or sick person, we can get infected without using a condom.In the early period of AIDS development, homosexuals accounted for a greater percentage of infected people – 75%.Unfortunately, this situation has changed.As the circle of infected people spreads, heterosexual people are becoming more and more numerous.It has to do with bisexuality, betrayal, adventures for one night, and sexual experimentation.Virus infection during heterosexual relationships is favored by syphilis, gonorrhea, vaginal erosions or damage during intercourse.

Oral relations

Contrary to the opinion that only oral relations protect us against infection, it is worth noting that this is not always the case.Oral sex can be a threat to both a woman and a man.It is enough to damage the oral mucosa to increase the risk of infection definitely.

What can you not get infected?

There is no doubt that we will not get infected by simply giving a healthy hand, using a common clean toilet, using common tableware or as a result of natural contact with the patient – bus, school.

Diet in AIDS

Food will not cure us of AIDS, but a proper diet can help our body.When we have a well-adjusted diet, then our body is better at dealing with the effects of taking medication.There is no doubt that HIV is exhausting all our organs.A proper diet provides essential resources that are helpful to fight the virus.A properly selected diet can delay the progression of the disease.That is why it is worth being under constant control of a dietitian who will choose the right diet for us.

The diet for carriers and patients should be rich in products containing many antioxidants and lean protein products.The patient should beware of empty calories, which he finds in alcohol and cheaper prepared food.


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