Ashwagandha, and her influence on sleep.

Witania lethal (withania somnifera) has many properties, it reduces the amount of CRP (c-reactive protein) by 35.2% at a dosage of 500 mg / day and by 31.6% (at a dosage of 125 mg of extract per day), lower the level of cortisol (by 30.5 % when dosing 500 mg of extract per day), has some effect on increasing anaerobic and aerobic strength and efficiency, reduces stress and cholesterol levels, has little effect on blood pressure or glycemia. 


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Young man peacefully sleeping in bed 

At the same time, it even has anti-cancer properties. Dosage 800-1000 mg of standardized extract per day (or several grams of root plant per day). 

Recently, the active ingredient, i.e. triethylene glycol, has been identified in the leaves of a drowsied vitamin. Vitaminolides contained in the plant had no significant effect on sleep. Welcoming lethargy increased the length of slow-wave sleep, in a dose-dependent manner. 

Proposal? Ashwagandha can be used to treat insomnia, a disease that afflicts even 30-60% of older people and 10-15% of the general population. 


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