Atkins diet principles of a low carb weight loss diet

Dr Atkins diet is great for people who can not stand the count of calories and want to eat as much as they want. However, it is not recommended for vegetarians and all who do not like meat. 

Slimming by diet dr. Atkins has long conquered Hollywood and is still gaining new supporters, also in Europe. According to Atkins, the main causes of overweight are carbohydrates, which is why the diet should be based on proteins and fats. Atkins diet is a controversial way of slimming – it is low in vitamins and its long-term use can seriously affect health.


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Atkins slimming diet is a controversial diet, created in the early 1970s by the now-deceased (died of complications after a severe blow to the head), New York cardiologist Robert Atkins. Atkins diet rules are similar to the optimal diet of Polish dietitian Jan Kwaśniewski. According to them, the cause of overweight are simple and complex sugars, that is carbohydrates, and the basis of the daily menu should be fats and proteins. In the United States and the United Kingdom, the Atkins diet is so popular that low-carb meals and snacks have already appeared on the market with a reduced number of carbohydrates. 

Atkins diet – low carb 

Steak, ham and sausage – although you are struggling with overweight, you can eat these products at will. Dr Atkins easily convinced his diet to, among others, Hollywood stars (e.g., Beyonce and Halle Berry). No wonder, if you lose weight you can also allow meat delicacies at the same time. According to him, the reduction of carbohydrates to a minimum changes metabolism. The blood becomes slightly acidic and the feeling of hunger decreases. That’s why you can eat at will, but only products allowed. If you strictly follow the recommendations of the Atkins low-carb diet, you will lose around 3-5 kg ​​a month. 

Atkins diet three stages of slimming 

The main ingredients of the menu are animal fats (meat and fish) and vegetable oils. The Atkins diet consists of 3 biweekly stages. 

In the first stage of diet, carbohydrates should be reduced to 20 g a day. You must not eat bread, cereal products, fruit, vegetables containing starch, milk and yoghurt then. Allowed, among others lettuce, spinach, parsley, asparagus, leek, cabbage, celery, kohlrabi, onion, pumpkin, tomatoes, green beans, beetroot, turnip, sugar snap peas, zucchini, cucumber. 


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During the second stage (proper diet) you can increase the number of carbohydrates to 30-50 g per day. The menu becomes more varied. You can eat fruit (those with a low glycemic index and having little carbohydrates or raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) and more vegetables. 

The third stage is a lifetime diet. It is still based on fats and proteins, but you can already increase the amount of sugars, remembering that they can not be combined with animal fats and eggs. The daily menu consists of 3 larger meals and 2 snacks. 

During the first stage you can drink bitter and very weak tea. Put away drinks with caffeine and cigarettes. Every day you also need to drink at least 2 liters of water. You can replace milk with soy milk. Avoid frying, bake meat and steam the vegetables. They retain more nutrients then. 

The Atkins diet has many disadvantages 

This method of weight loss can only be used by healthy people. Give it up if you suffer from hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis or have high cholesterol levels. Atkins diet is low in vitamins, so it should be supplemented with vitamin supplements and minerals (mainly beta-carotene, l-carnitine, vitamin C, potassium and coenzyme Q10). Its long-term use can affect health. The consequences are a lack of magnesium and sodium, excessive acidification of the body, gout, caries, and even atherosclerosis and strokes. Some people may get constipation, fatigue and headaches during the first few days. If they do not pass within 4-5 days, return to the normal diet and consult a doctor. 

When using the Atkins diet, as with any diet limiting some ingredient to a minimum, you need to keep common sense. It’s better for the effects of weight loss not to pay for the rest of your life. Most scientists believe that the maximum stage of Dr Atkins diet can only be used for one year.