Angina – what should you know?

Angina called tonsillitis is an infectious disease, transmitted by droplet.We treat all symptoms of angina very seriously, because contrary to appearances, it is a disease that if untreated can bring unpleasant consequences.

The cause of the formation of strep throat are streptococcus, rarely staphylococci or pneumonia.An opinion has been accepted to avoid cold drinks, ice-cream etc., however, many doctors believe that eating ice cream, contrary to popular opinion, does not cause angina.Consumption of ice cream allows for rational throat quenching.Of course, let’s do everything within reason.


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After noticing the symptoms described above, you should immediately go to the doctor, in order to make a proper diagnosis and start treatment.If the doctor determines swelling, hyperaemia and tilting of the tonsils, he will be sure that it is angina.Then the most effective treatment is to give an antibiotic.In addition, he should be ill

As already mentioned, a patient with angina should eat tea with honey.The most suitable honey for tonsillitis will be linden honey, which contains ascorbic acid and carotene.This honey has been used, among other things, for a cold, as a diaphoretic and expectorant.


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Types of angina

Angina is divided into two types, taking into account the source of infection

It has slightly different symptoms, from the typical symptoms of strep throat induced by bacteria.It has a milder course, and it can often be cured by home methods.In this type of angina, we are dealing with the growing symptoms of the disease, to which, we can include congestion of the mucous membrane, throat and tonsils, there may be an acute runny nose, conjunctivitis, and larynx and trachea.A fever, not exceeding 38, 5 degrees, or a low-grade fever is possible.

The type of viral angina is herpetic angina – its symptoms are very small bubbles occurring on the tonsils and throughout the oral cavity.

The types of bacterial angina are

The symptoms of strep throat should never be underestimated, because the mouth is linked to other organs, such as ears, lungs, and the multiplication of bacteria can cause very dangerous complications and health complications.


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