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Underrated vegetable – celery

Vegetable that guests in every kitchen. However, it is highly underestimated. Celery, because of it, contains many vitamins and has beneficial properties for our body. It supports the libido – maybe that’s why it was believed once that eating celery brings happiness and longevity. It is considered one of the oldest vegetables. Wild celery was already eaten by ancient Egyptians, and celery was minted on coins.

  1. Celery – what does it contain?
  2. Celery and tuber
  3. Benefits of eating celery


  1. Celery – what does it contain?

Both celery and celery tuber contain a lot of vitamins. Scientists say that it is 86 valuable ingredients! A lot. Both varieties contain large amounts of vitamins A, E and C. The leaf contains more vitamin C and can be stored properly up to 150 mg per 100 g – which is almost twice as high as the daily dose of RDA. Celery also contains the most phosphorus among root vegetables and vitamin PP or niacin. This is not the end of the arsenal of minerals contained in this inconspicuous vegetable. It also has zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and folic acid in it.


  1. Celery and tuber

Both types of celery are very low in calories, but there are some differences between them. Personally, I recommend eating both varieties as not only supplementing the vitamins in the diet, but also for reasons of taste

– root celery – 21 kcal in 100 g; 1.8 g fiber in 100 g; glycemic index 35 (raw root), 85 (boiled root);

– celery – 13 kcal in 100 g; 1.6 g fiber in 100 g; glycemic index 15.

From this comparison, it can be seen that celery has a lower IG, making it better for diabetics. It is also less caloric, but hence contains a little less fiber. The proportions of vitamins are similar. With the fact that celery contains more vitamin C.

Celery can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. The leaves should not be washed earlier. It’s best to keep it in a plastic box. Root celery is more durable, but do not overdo it with storage. The most benefits will come when it will be fresh.


  1. Benefits of eating celery

Consuming a large amount of celery positively affects our health. In addition to supplementing vitamin deficiencies, it improves sexual performance in men. It raises the level of libido. You can do an experiment and for 2 weeks every day to eat large amounts of celery salad – a virtually guaranteed effect. Large amounts for everyone mean something different and depend on the weight. In my opinion, more than 300 g of celery per day is enough. You can replace the celery salad with juice.

Other benefits of the consumption of this wonderful vegetable are:

– stimulates the appetite, which is important for people who can not eat enough food;

– removes harmful products of metabolism, at the same time accelerating metabolism, which is beneficial in reducing fat tissue;

– has antidepressant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects;

– calming and diuretic effect, celery juice found application in the treatment of kidney stones and improving kidney function;

– improves the heart and lowers blood pressure, is recommended for people fighting hypertension (why poison with drugs, if nature has given us such a wonderful vegetable?);

– a glass of celery juice drunk on an empty stomach acts as an elixir of youth, thanks to the cleansing effect on the body, and the high content of vitamins C and E positively affects our immunity and combats oxidative stress.