Cumin for colic, flatulence and sinus pain. Healing properties of caraway

Cumin, and caraway oil extracted from its fruits, is best known as a colic for babies.However, this spice also has other healing properties.Caraway fruit will help bloating and other digestive ailments, as well as sinusitis.In turn, caraway oil rubbed into the skin will help remove cellulite.Check what other properties cumin has.

Caraway is a plant that is valued for its healing properties.They have the form of elongated splits, which look reminiscent of the fruits of Roman cumin.However, cumin (Carum carvi L.) and cumin (cumin, Cuminum cyminum L.) are very different plants.Roman cumin comes from the Mediterranean region and does not occur in Poland.In turn, cumin is growing in our country, commonly in meadows, roadways and pastures.In natural medicine, not only the fruits of this plant were used, but also the caraway oil obtained from them.

Cumin for bloating and other gastrointestinal ailments

Cumin has a diastolic effect on the smooth muscle of the stomach, intestines, bile ducts, and regulates the inflow of bile and pancreatic juice into the duodenum.Cumin helps so many digestive ailments, such as flatulence, belching, abdominal pain, slight constipation or lack of appetite.Cumin is recommended especially for the elderly, who have problems with disorders of secretion and flow of bile, struggling with intestinal atony and vegetative neurosis.It is thought that cumin can also relieve symptoms of peptic ulcer disease.

In the case of stomach discomfort, you can prepare an infusion of cumin.1 teaspoon of ground fruits is poured 250 ml of boiling water and allowed to stand for 15 minutes under cover.After strain, the infusion should be drunk three times a day.Similar effects will give you a spoonful of ground cumin mixed with marjoram and drink it with water.


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Decoction of cumin for lactation?

In natural medicine, cumin and remaining after ravaging caraway straw are used to increase lactation in nursing mothers.However, there is no unambiguous evidence that drinking cumin decoction stimulates lactation or improves the quality of food.

Cumin with butter on the bay

Contemporary phytotherapy recommends caraway in combination with butter for sinusitis.So if you get a headache that intensifies when you suddenly change your head position, when leaning forward, lying down or coughing, you can reach for cumin.Just sprinkle 100 g of cumin seeds on a dry pan, and when they cool down, add 200 g of clarified butter and mix.You should consume such a mixture every day for 1-2 teaspoons.You can also wrap a tablespoon of raw, whole cumin seeds with a thin cotton cloth.The bag needs to be applied to the nose and inhaled even several times a day for several – several minutes.


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Cumin – diuretic properties

In traditional Moroccan medicine, decoction of ripe caraway fruit is used as a means of increasing the volume of excreted urine.Modern scientists say that caraway has potential diuretic properties, similar to furosemide (a popular diuretic), but further research is needed in this direction.


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Caraway oil for scabies and cellulite

Caraway oil is used externally in cases of surface bacterial, fungal and parasitic (scab) infections.In addition, it supports the removal of cellulite.Caraway oil can also be used for analgesic massage.Just 3-5 drops of the oil mixed with a teaspoon of base oil and massage the aching places.It is worth knowing that caraway oil is also used as an additive to soaps, disinfectants, cosmetic creams, toothpastes and perfumes.

Caraway – use in the kitchen

Caraway fruit is used as a spice for bread, salads, soups, some types of cheese and liqueurs.Cumin fits perfectly with fatty meats, especially pork, mutton, and venison.In addition, it gives a unique taste to goose and duck.It is also an irreplaceable ingredient of stew and other dishes based on cabbage.Ground is included in the spice mixes.


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