Cloves – healing properties and use

Cloves are a spice that has found a wide application. Cloves have anesthetic and refreshing properties, so their chewing or sucking is a proven way to toothache and bad breath, while cream with clove oil is supposedly a way to premature ejaculation. cloves work.

Cloves are dried flower buds of spicy clove – an evergreen tree that comes from Asia .The properties of this spice have been known for over 2,000 years, when its healing effect was used in ancient China, during the Han dynasty. Four hundred years later, Arab merchants they brought cloves to Venice, from where they reached the rest of Europeans who still value the healing effects of cloves, which is primarily due to the content of eugenol – a substance that reduces the activity of enzymes leading to inflammation, inhibits the development of yeast infection and even the rate of cancer development In addition, the carnation has also been used to treat other ailments.

Cloves or clove oil for tooth and headache

Cloves will help with pain – all thanks to the eugenol contained in them, which has slightly anesthetic properties, just 1/4 teaspoon of clove powder and one teaspoon of cinnamon oil to make a paste that is lubricated by the forehead for headaches and other aching places. It is recommended to chew carnation or soak cotton wool in clove oil and apply it to the painful place .The study showed that clove oil can be used in dentistry as an anesthetic, applied locally before punching the needle in the gum. Patients have said that thanks to this pain are smaller.

Cloves will lower cholesterol

Several grams of carnations a day support the production of insulin, and at the same time lower cholesterol – this was confirmed by the research described at the Experimental Biology meeting in San Francisco in 2006. Studies have shown that everyone who ate cloves, regardless of the amount, decreased the level glucose, triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol.The level of good HDL cholesterol remained unchanged, and clove oil was found to prevent the formation of peroxidant lipid groups that can lead to a heart attack.

Cloves for a cold

The antiseptic and analgesic properties of cloves make you get better faster during colds or flu, cloves shed throat pain, cough and clean your stuffy nose. – Winter illnesses worth reaching for tea with cloves, and for healthy people to warm up on winter evenings, we recommend a mulled wine with cloves and orange.


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Recipe for mulled wine with cloves and orange

Prepare 500 ml of red wine, 4 cinnamon sticks, 2 vanilla sticks, 6-8 anise stars, 6 cloves, 2 thicker slices of unpeeled (previously scorched and scrubbed) oranges (in their skin you can put a few cloves), cane sugar to taste.

Heat in a saucepan red wine with cane sugar, cinnamon, cut into pieces with vanilla sticks, anise and cloves. While stirring, heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.Slices of orange slice in half, put into a mug or glass and pour over wine.The finished drink can be sprinkled with a bit of vanilla sugar and cinnamon on top.

Cloves for fresh breath

The sucking of whole cloves removes an unpleasant smell, such as garlic, from the mouth. Apparently, during the Han dynasty, the subjects had to put cloves to their mouths before the smell of the spice neutralized the unpleasant smell from their mouths.

Clove oil for premature ejaculation?

I am told that smearing the penis with a clove oil containing cream delays premature ejaculation. There is no scientific evidence, but it has long been known that cloves are a natural aphrodisiac.

Carnations – use in the kitchen

The smell of cloves is very distinctive – it has a warm, sweet, spicy note.The whole cloves can be added to compotes, mulled wine, punch, fruit and meat sauces.They fit into marinated venison, pork and mutton, together with onions and kohlrabi leaves improve the taste of cabbage. They also blend well with mushroom and broth dishes.The powdered spice can be added to patties, pates, stuffing, fish dishes, spaghetti and pizza.It is an inseparable component of Christmas cakes and cookies.


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