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Do not waste time and money on detox!

Carrying out the so-called detox makes us feel less guilty because of poor diet and poor lifestyle. And all that we achieve thanks to the detoxification of the body, because there is no scientific evidence that detox makes sense.

The detox British dietician – Dick Miller – is clearly saying “Detox is nonsense. The body does not need it. Removal of \ waste \ and toxins takes place in the body all the time and you do not have to organize the action of their rapid disposal. The body handles it perfectly well.

The detox password emerged at the beginning of the 20th century and was the result of the theory that diseases are caused by toxins accumulating in the body. This idea was discredited in the thirties of the same century, but still, the idea of ​​detox has survived to this day and is doing quite well.

Interestingly, the term detox functions in the medical community as a term meaning one of the elements of the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction.

Let’s return to the detox as an action to cleanse the body of toxins. This process is to be carried out by avoiding certain food products (coffee, meat, processed foods) and using only selected ones – fruit and vegetable juices are most commonly used.

In addition to the deficit of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, the biggest problem arising during the detox is protein deficiency, “says Miller and explains the deficit or lack of protein in the diet results in the body starting to derive them from its available sources, i.e. from the muscles, internal organs and bones. For this reason, people using detox may be in a worse condition after its completion than before the treatment of this healing cure.

In addition, when the body begins to eat its own muscles, their mass will decrease, and with it the head of the metabolism will fall headlong. This is a bad news for those who want to help with the detox process of slimming.

Another alleged advantage of detox is the improvement of the appearance of the skin, flushing effect and the aforementioned weight reduction. What about a dietician?

Detox can lead to weight loss, as it is nothing but a restrictive diet. However, this is a temporary drop, which is eliminated after returning to normal nutrition.

Dangerous toxins?

It turns out that even using the concept of toxins in relation to a substance that is supposed to help flush out detox from the body is wrong. Toxin is a substance produced by a living organism, which is poisonous for humans, for example snake venom or toxins produced by bacteria (eg substances used for Botox).

Toxin is also any other chemical substance that threatens human life or health, such as cigarette smoke, heavy metals, pesticides and even fabric bleachers in our homes. Nay. Toxins are also found in our diet – alkaloids in potatoes, oxalic acid in rhubarb, psoralens (furanocoumarins) in celery …

Human body

He likes these substances and is able to get rid of them – drawn into the lungs or swallowed up to the blood, and with it to the liver, which filters and neutralizes them. The liver does not take the chance, so all harmful substances are 24 hours per day caught and neutralized. If it had not been so, each of us would have been dead long ago.

The liver cleans the body more efficiently than any miracle tablet or detoxifying treatment. Therefore, the only thing that cleans the detox diet or the magic cleansing preparation is your wallet.

What to do is worth it

Once we have determined that detox can be inserted between fairy tales, the time has come to ask yourself what can be done to help the liver in its operation and take care of health by limiting the amount of harmful substances in the body?

  1. Are you smoking? Quit smoking. Cigarette smoke harms not only the lungs but also the liver.
  2. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Its excess, apart from many other negative effects, causes scarification of the liver (scar formation), which reduces the amount of healthy tissue capable of detoxifying the body.
  3. Use a balanced diet. Thanks to it, no deficiencies of vitamins or other substances important for health will arise, and all internal organs, including the liver) will work efficiently.
  4. Increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in the diet. If you want to squeeze the juice out of them, no problem, but let the fruit and vegetable drinks be part of a healthy diet.
  5. Move. regular physical activity improves blood circulation, so it makes the blood circulate more quickly in the liver, thanks to which harmful substances are neutralized faster.