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What to eat to lose weight?

What to eat to lose weight? Contrary to popular opinion, to lose weight, do not eliminate from the diet of products containing fat. To quickly lose weight, you need to eat fats, but healthy ones. only about calories What else to eat to lose weight? Which products to avoid? Here is a list of products that will help you quickly get rid of extra kilos.

What to eat to lose weight? What products to include in the diet to quickly get rid of unnecessary kilograms? The key ingredient is a protein that allows not only for more energy to be consumed by the body, but also provides less calories from food. The diet can not also lack fiber and … fats, but healthy ones, which – contrary to popular opinion – help to lose weight. What else helps you lose weight?

The protein contained in food is a key nutrient facilitating slimming: first, the protein has a complex structure, and thus is digested long. The longer the food is decomposed, the slower it leaves the stomach and gives a feeling of fullness after a meal even for a few hours.

Secondly, the protein raises postprandial thermogenesis most strongly from all macronutrients of food, which means that after eating a protein-rich meal, the body’s energy expenditures are increased which are needed for digestion – metabolic processes take place more quickly. The body uses more calories for digestion of protein foods than Carbohydrates and fat foods: Eating more protein (25-30% of your daily caloric intake) means your body uses 80-100 kcal more per day.

In addition, as research shows, protein meals reduce obsessive thinking about food by 60 percent and halve the evening snacking, adding more protein to the diet makes an average of 411 kcal per day.

Protein-rich foods that should be included in the diet while slimming it

  • lean meat – chicken, turkey, lean beef (eg sirloin, leek), lean pork (eg pork loin, sirloin, ham)
  • fish – especially greasy, because they contain omega-3 fatty acids with a proven effect increasing satiety after a meal in overweight and obese people
  • eggs – research shows that eating eggs for breakfast allows you to eat less for the next 36 hours and promotes better dietary choices
  • cottage cheese, cottage cheese – these are the best sources of protein among dairy products.It contains many times more than yoghurts, kefirs, buttermilk and milk

What to eat to lose weight? Legume seeds

In the menu of people who are slimming should be found legume seeds, among others

  • bean
  • lentil
  • pea
  • chickpeas

because they contain a combination of two important ingredients – protein and fiber, which support the loss of excessive body mass. One study participants felt 31% more fed after a meal with the addition of legume seeds than after the same meal but with the addition of pasta or bread.

What to eat to lose weight? Vegetables

Vegetables are extremely important products in the diet of every human being due to the content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but they have a different meaning for people who are slimming. Vegetables are very low-caloric products, i.e. they contain low in calories, which means in principle, you can eat them without restrictions.The vegetables consist mainly of water and fiber.This combination makes the fiber swell in the stomach after eating, fills it, slows down the emptying of the stomach after a meal, and consequently eats less. For the most filling vegetables artichoke weighs about 100 g, provides about 80 kcal and almost 6 g of fiber. Other vegetables are especially recommended in slimming diets.


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