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Wonderful ginger – healing and slimming properties of ginger

Ginger is one of those plants without which many nations can not imagine life. Ginger’s medicinal properties are widely used in Asia. Agone Asian ginger is a basic addition to dishes and a very effective medicine for colds (tea with ginger), nausea (infusion from ginger) or menstrual cramps (ginger root slices).

Ginger is a spice that until recently was associated with beer and biscuits from American films. In Polish cuisine, in a powdered form, it only added flavor to flakom, hare pate and gingerbread. Many people thought that ginger is used as a remedy with medicinal properties, aphrodisiac, spice, addition to cosmetics and perfumes, raw material for beer production and decorative plant Since the fresh root of ginger is cheaper and easy to buy in every supermarket, we can all use its miraculous properties.

Healing properties of ginger – why ginger is healthy?

The intense aromas of ginger, with a fresh, slightly sweet, and a little woody note is due to zingiberol – a component of essential oil, while resinous substances, among others, gingerol and zinferon, are responsible for the burning, slightly bitter taste.All these substances have healing properties. Ginger, among others

It facilitates digestion.The oil contained in the rhizome helps when you suffer from digestive disorders.It stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, acts choleretic and relaxant, heals bloating.

It relieves nausea (it is a component of drugs against motion sickness), prevents vomiting after anesthesia and chemotherapy. It increases your appetite.

It reduces the aggregation (clumping) of platelets, thus protecting against the formation of blood clots and prevents thrombosis.It is an essential addition to the menu of people who have elevated cholesterol.

Relieves menstrual cramps. It is also worth adding it to the food as soon as you notice the first signs of PMS.

It treats the cold and brings relief when it hurts joints and muscles pain because it is rich in anti-inflammatory substances.It is part of some ointments and warming patches.During massage, a few drops of ginger oil bring relief to sore muscles.

Cures migraine – regularly used reduces the frequency and amount of attacks, and also relieves nausea.

It works anti-oedematous because the essential oil contained in it has a diuretic effect.

He cares for the mouth.It has a disinfecting and refreshing effect, it leaves a pleasant smell in the mouth.Heals infections, stimulates the secretion of mucus.It is worth rinsing it with a sore throat (pour 2 teaspoons of powdered ginger into a glass of very warm water).

Increases mental concentration and performance because it improves brain blood circulation.

It improves blood circulation, warms the whole body wonderfully.In Chinese medicine it is considered to be hot, causing fire in the body.It also stimulates the sexual organs.Where it grows, i.e. in tropical Asia, it is used as an aphrodisiac.

Ginger for beauty

Ginger oil is used in slimming and modeling preparations, because it stimulates circulation and accelerates fat burning, fights cellulite. Full of freshness and exotic ginger aroma is the base of many perfumes. Ginger note often interacts with other spices (pepper, cardamom) and adds “power” masculine cosmetics.

Types of ginger

In Poland, you can buy whole ginger root and powdered. In oriental food shops there is candied ginger and marinated ginger – pink and white – which is dipped in soy sauce and is an addition to sushi, for aromatic candies and ginger cookies. stores with alcohol can be found vodka and ginger beer.

The latter, however, do not confuse the ginger ale , a popular carbonated drink created in Ireland, with us more often under the name of anada dry. On stalls in China and Hong Kong, preserved ginger is offered – soft roots immersed in brine from sugar.


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