Healthy cooking

This is how it is in this world, that although we have loved us, they treat our diets as a whim and cook in their own way. From what I see, many users have a fundamental problem of how to reconcile a diet with a minced pork chop with cabbage. Usually the answer is the same I have to cook. Painful but true. For good morning, remember that the nutritional values ​​recorded in the tables are largely lost during heat treatment. Heating additionally reduces their bioavailability. 

So how to do it, make it good? 


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Here are some tips based on data collected on the net 


Cooking with steam 

In the stream of hot steam, hard vegetables such as carrots, broccoli boil about 5 minutes, and leafy, e.g. spinach – a minute. In this way, you can also prepare frozen vegetables. The vegetables will “al dente” retain color, taste, shape and nutritional value. In turn, fish made steamed for about 10 minutes, will keep “good fats and vitamins. A mixture of herbs, ginger, lemon juice can be added to the water used for the evaporation , which will enrich the taste of the dishes. Pairing is also a good way of warming up dishes. 


Cooking in water 

It’s a good way, for example, for vegetables to be bland and “rinsed out of vitamins and minerals. The shorter the cooking time and the less water, and the vegetables themselves are less fragmented, not peeled – the better. 




It’s cooking the product in a small amount of water, often with the addition of fat, on a low heat in a tightly closed container. The advantage of braised dishes is digestibility, a small loss of nutrients. Some fruits gain thanks to stewing, for example, dried plums release enzymes contained in them. Traditional stewing with previous frying is not recommended. 




A very popular method of preparing meats, vegetables and cakes. The selection of the right temperature and baking time are important factors affecting the quality, taste, and preservation of nutritional values. Therefore, you should carefully follow the instructions in the cookbook. Baking in parchment, foil or in the so-called “The baking sleeve is the most beneficial for health. 



Baking on the grill – less recommended 

Traditionally, the dishes prepared on the grill are meat and fish, more and more often grilled vegetables. To minimize the harmfulness of grilled dishes, you should warm the coals to white before placing the dish on the grill. They must be glowing, you should not see the flames. It is also best to avoid lighters. And marinate the products in olive oil before baking, because it provides partial protection against carcinogenic free radicals that form when the meal comes in contact with fire and smoke. It is also worth, for example, to partially prepare the dish in the oven and bake it on the grill or bake in parchment or aluminum trays. 



Frying – less recommended 

This is a fast way to dish tasty, attractive, but potentially harmful, because it is “enriched with extra fat. Very high temperature destroys nutritional values, changes the chemical structure of fats. When frying, a large amount of free radicals is formed, destroying the body, burnt skin is carcinogenic. The type and amount of oil used for frying are also of great importance. It is possible and recommended to diversify the menu without fat frying in teflon-coated pans or on a deep-fried Chinese pan, so-called. wok. 



Preparing dishes in a microwave oven – less recommended 

The impact of microwaves on products causes the molecules of the water contained in them to move, and this motion generates heat that heats these products. The main advantage of this method is the time to prepare a meal. The problem is, however, the type of dishes we prepare in it. Usually, the purchase of the microwave prompts us to “enrich the diet with processed ready meals with a lot of sugar and saturated fat. Many components of such products are susceptible to molecular changes and the formation of free radicals. In dietetic nutrition, ready meals are not recommended. 


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