Healthy shopping. How to shop in accordance with the rules of proper nutrition?

A basket full of health – what foods should it contain?

If you want to be healthy, or lose weight, i.e. heal yourself from overweight or obesity, you have to change your diet for many years.No short-term diet will help.But to eat healthily you need to know how to buy food products wisely, after all you buy what you buy. How to shop to eat healthy and get rid of extra kilos?

Healthy shopping is wise shopping. From what product you choose from the store shelf or market stall depends on what your diet will be like, how you decide for yourself, your children and often for other family members, or you will eat products rich in nutrients, or full empty calories. We advise on how to shop in accordance with the principles of healthy nutrition. What exactly cereal, dairy, meat, confectionery products and what vegetables and fruits should be found in your healthy shopping cart?




Never do shopping when you’re hungry.

Hunger will make you buy more products than you need, most of which will be unnecessary.In addition, to satisfy your hunger, you can eat something quickly in the store or on the way home.Do not kid yourself.You will not reach for fruity chips, but for something that will make you feel full, or for a high-calorie snack, a sweet roll or a fast food dish.Also watch out for the appetite, or sudden desire to eat something under the influence of a tasty aroma, beautiful appearance, or memories of taste.Do not get caught in the trap set by hunger and appetite – arrange a shopping list earlier, after thorough inventory review and when you are full.

Choose fresh products and read the exact labels of the products.

Check the expiry date, calorific value, fat and sugar content as well as preservatives in the products you buy, especially those you purchase for the first time.Remember that the amount of calories always applies to 100 g of the product, not the whole of its packaging.Choose products as fresh, as less processed as possible, those that have the least amount of fat and sugar, as much as fiber, vitamins and minerals.Make sure that the selected products do not contain glucose-fructose syrup and artificial preservatives, including sodium benzoate, as well as the least amount of salt and sugar.


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