We refute the myths about FOOD and HOME FOOD

We refute the myths about food, not everything you do at home is healthy and better than the one you bought in the store. It is not always the so-called buyer’s food that is harmful, but even the most natural food product can be harmful if it is misused.

If you think it is healthier to prepare a dish at home, because you know how you prepare the products and how you do it, you are not quite right, eg mayonnaise. This homemade, made of eggs bought in an unreliable source, maybe The mayonnaise producers on an industrial scale use pasteurized egg yolks to eliminate the risk of this bacteria, and even if the home is not risky, it can be stored much shorter than the one from the store. It must be stored in a refrigerator, under cover, and take it out only at, at most, 30 minutes before consumption. And the maximum storage time is only a few days.


Both natural and artificial food can harm

Health-conscious, those who read labels carefully, like fire, avoid foods that contain sugar substitutes, unless they are diabetics and it’s a necessity for them. But it turns out that among these synthetic sweeteners there are also such that are found in nature – and have the same effect, for example sorbitol (glucitol, hexitol), added as a sweetener and stabilizer for many things. In large quantities can even increase the risk of a cataract occurring. Fortunately, neither as a synthetic nor natural additive in the amounts we usually consume is harmful, anyone even the most natural food product may be harmful if it ismisused, for example avocado, which is a very healthy fruit due to the high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, for this reasonit’s very caloric, one medium-sized fruit is about 400 kcal!

Broad beans can be the cause of hemolytic anemia, cabbage consumed in unlimited amounts can limit the absorption of iron, beans can provoke the onset of gout …

There are many similar examples, and one conclusion is to feed with moderation and variety, then you will not harm either the artificial or the natural.