Aspirin, and hypertension?

The majority of people attending the gym, training amateurishly, had contact with prohormones or anabolic-androgenic steroids (some studies report that 30%, others even 60% of men, data on women are much poorer). Most people reaching for PH or SAA suffer from hypertension, and with long-term exposure it causes heart and kidney destruction, consequently death (assuming that the person does not change their lifestyle, does not stop pharmacology and will not be treated). 


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Aspirin acts on platelets (through COX-1 and inhibition of thromboxane A2). Most studies indicate that small doses of aspirin have no effect on blood pressure or on drugs used to treat hypertension. 1 Moreover, it turns out that acetylsalicylic acid strengthens cardiovascular protection when used in parallel with the angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) 2 

Does this mean that aspirin should be used prophylactically? No, because it can cause irreversible damage (damage to the stomach mucosa, bleeding), and even have an effect on inhibiting the effects of training (anti-inflammatory effects are not always beneficial to the athlete, especially endurance disciplines). If you are already recovering from hypertension, aspirin should not affect the hypertensive agents. 


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Pomegranate in hypertension

Almost every year, new research results are published, proving the health-promoting effect of eating grenades. Their operation is phenomenal, although consumption can be risky for … clothing!

The ingredients contained in the grants have anti-inflammatory properties and have the ability to inhibit the growth of tumors. They also favorably affect blood pressure levels, triglyceride levels and HDL cholesterol. It is enough to drink 300 ml of pomegranate juice per week to significantly improve your health during the year.

Grenades look inconspicuous, reminding a bit of a battered ball for a dog. However, in their center is hidden a whole lot of pips surrounded by a large amount of juice enclosed in thin “capsules.” Picking them from the inside of the fruit, sipping the juice and possibly spitting out the seeds can be fun, but also a threat to your bright clothes, because the reddish pomegranate leaves permanent stains! Therefore, it is worth preparing to eat grenades by putting on dark clothes. The juice is also beneficial for health, which can be bought in the store, but with one condition that it will be juice without added sugar.

How do you get the best of pomegranate without splashing the juice around?

Cut the cut fruit in a large bowl with water and pull the stones surrounded by juice under its surface. When a thin film of several “capsules” breaks, the juice stays in the water, and the intact “casings” will float on the water, so you can easily fetch them. Take it out of the water, if you like, leave it to dry, and if you use boiled or spring water, you can immediately enjoy the unique taste of juice and enjoy its beneficial effects on health.