Fruitcake – how to make it?

Keks is a sponge cake with nuts and raisins baked in a rectangular, narrow form. Keks enjoys great popularity, especially during the Christmas season.But fruitcake is a cake with dried fruits and nuts, it is not rich in vitamins and minerals. what is the difference between a traditional Polish fruit cake and those produced in other countries.

Keks is a sponge cake with the addition of chopped dried or candied fruit, nuts and spices. Fruit cake originates from ancient Rome and was prepared from a barley mash with pomegranate, pine nuts and raisins. In the Middle Ages honey and spices were also added to the mash. also in Europe, however, the additions were dependent on the availability of ingredients in a given country.In Poland, a traditional fruitcake has the shape of a loaf and a high content of candied fruit, nuts, raisins and figs, it is eaten during the Christmas season, just like a fruitcake in Canada and it is available Also in Germany, a traditional fruitcake is baked for Christmas, it is shaped like a loaf with a sprinkle of powdered sugar, while in Bulgaria and Australia a fruit cake is sold all year round. A Bulgarian fruit cake consists of flour, butter and milk. , yeast, yogurt, eggs, cocoa, walnuts and raisinsMach, a few months earlier, candied and dried fruits, raisins and walnuts are soaked in rum. Additionally, the fruit cake is topped with rum immediately after baking.In Britain, the fruit cake is round, covered with marzipan and decorated with holly leaves or snow ornaments.


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Fruitcake contains a significant amount of fat, with a predominance of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, and in the fruitcake, in spite of the content of dried dried fruits and nuts, there are insignificant amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Fruitcake is a high calorie product, 100 g of the recipe delivers 385 kcal.

However, against the background of other vitamins, the content of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D is distinguished. Among the minerals, copper, phosphorus and iron deserve attention.

Fruitcake is not a product that we should eat every day, we should choose it from time to time and in small quantities. Not recommended for obese people because of its high calorific value, diabetics and people with digestive system diseases.


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