Lime – properties and nutritional values. What vitamins does lime have?

Lime, is a fruit that has numerous nutritional values, and hence – healing properties. Lime is considered a cousin of lemon, however, it is not only smaller, but also more acidic. and the water with limon slims down. What other healing properties does lime have?

Lime, is a citrus from the rutow family, whose medicinal properties and nutritional value have long been appreciated in Asia, where it probably comes from. From lime limes, Asian trees were brought to Egypt and other regions of northern Africa by merchants from the Middle East in the 10th century In the 13th century, the Moors brought limes to Spain, thanks to which this fruit spread to southern Europe, which was first introduced in America in 1493, when Christopher Columbus was traveling, but it was not until the 16th century that they were brought to Spain. colonizers from West Indies. Currently, lime is grown in the tropical and subtropical zone, primarily in India, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, as well as in Europe, Egypt and Florida.

Lime – anticancer properties

Lime contains bioflavonoids that have antioxidant properties, which destroy oxygen free radicals, which are responsible for the formation of tumors. Therefore, lime is recommended in anticancer prophylaxis.The bioflavonoids contained in the limon also protect against the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Lime supports liver function and more

Lime has a positive effect on the functioning of the digestive system, lime juice dilutes the bile, which facilitates its flow, thus improving the liver’s function, similar properties have lime and lime water which also reduces weight.

In addition, research done by Hopkins University researchers shows that lime fights E. Coli bacteria. The experiment consisted of adding E. Coli and MS2 bacteria to the lime juice. It turned out that the lime juice cope with the destruction of bacteria better than the rays So lime juice can be an alternative to water disinfecting tablets, the researchers say.

Lime strengthens immunity

Due to the very high content of vitamin C (29.1 mg / 100g), lime significantly strengthens the immune system, lime juice also has bactericidal and disinfecting properties, which is why it is particularly recommended in the autumn and winter to prevent colds.


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Lime reduces the symptoms of neurosis

Due to the high content of potassium, lime has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system .Thanks to it helps in the fight against neurosis. Regular consumption of lime relieves the symptoms of neurasthenia, such as increased hyperactivity, irritability, intestinal hypersensitivity, problems with concentration and palpitations.Limonka also weakens headaches.

Lime and diabetes

Lime is a low-calorie fruit – 100 g of fruit contains only 30 kcal. In addition, it has a low glycemic index, lime juice also allows you to control the level of glucose in the blood, so it is recommended to eat for people suffering from diabetes and fighting obesity.


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