TOP 6 Supplements for improving libido

Common health problems often affect less vitality. The resulting decrease in libido for many people is uncomfortable, especially for men, because of the social tendency to stigmatize this type of disorder. Fortunately, the supplementary market offers many potential solutions for this problem. By familiarizing yourself with the action profile of individual supplements, you can choose the best product for yourself and effectively increase the sex drive.

Let’s start with the basics, and so on the biochemical basis of sexual tension. A neurotransmitter – dopamine [11] plays a significant role here. This is the main factor affecting the feeling of attraction to the other person, which also affects the level of energy, motivation and satisfaction. On the contrary, prolactin works. When there is an excess of it, we feel worse, the sex drive drops, and the potential deteriorates. The high level of prolactin is often accompanied by low levels of dopamine, which explains a lot.

What are the potential reasons for this condition? The most significant seem to be disorders of the sex hormone management. Androgens – testosterone and DHT play a large role, which have a wide impact on the functioning of the dopaminergic system. It includes the rate of dopamine synthesis [13], its release into synaptic spaces and the influence on the density of individual dopamine receptors [12].

Thyroid disorder may also be the culprit. Both hypo- and hyperactivity of the body may be a reason for reduced libido, and normalizing hormone levels results in quick restoration of libido to normal [10].

It’s impossible to ignore the role of excessive stress. In stressful situations, apart from cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine also increases, which depletes the supply of these neurotransmitters in neurons. When substrates are heavily used to build these two, they may not be enough to produce dopamine, which is reflected in sexual life. Excessive stress often affects the quality of sleep, which is also quite unfavourable.

Now to the point, what products might we want to consider to increase sex drive?

  1. Eurycoma Longjack

Researchers conducted a 12-week trial involving 109 men in the 30-55 age group. Participants took 300 mg of Eurycoma Longifolia extract or placebo. In the Longjack group, there was a ~ 14% increase in libido, improved erection and a significant improvement in parameters indicating sperm quality [1]. Admittedly, the limitation in this study is the fact that it was financed by a company that sells one product with such an extract, but the influence on libido and potency is supported by the results of animal research [2] and many anecdotal reports from both Asian traditions [3] as well as from modern users.


  1. yohimbine

This alkaloid increases libido in both men and women, regardless of testosterone [4]. It also affects the improvement of erections, especially in cases when the disorders are psychogenic. Both mechanisms result from the ability of yohimbine to inhibit the activity of alpha2 adrenergic receptors. The downside of yohimbine is the high dependence of action on individual predispositions – one person will feel clear effects at minimal doses, the other will not feel them at all.


  1. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT)

Precursor for the construction of dopamine, which, as we already know, is crucial in the sense of sexual tension. It’s especially helpful in situations where dopamine deficiency teases due to overuse of stimulants causing faster catecholamine ejection, excess stress in life or low amounts of protein consumed. The best results are taken on an empty stomach, and the supplement with green tea extract with lots of EGCG can help transport to the brain. It’s a supplement that will only work on people with insufficient dopamine synthesis.


  1. Ginseng

One of the most classic adaptogens, adding energy and vitality. We distinguish several species of ginseng, the most popular of which are Asian and American varieties. Both bring some benefits through slightly different methods, and the most effective seems to be the use of their combination. Active ingredients – ginsenosides, affect the state of hormonal balance and modify the action of dopamine, acetylcholine and GABA [5]. The effects of ginseng are felt quickly, although one can already report weaker effects after a month, therefore the best option is cyclic supplementation.


  1. Mac

A popular aphrodisiac, which also works independently from testosterone and other sex hormones [6]. Its action gains in strength with regular intake, however regularity is more important than the time of admission – there is no need to take the supplement for a limited time before the planned intimacy. Good results were also obtained using Maca extract in people with depression during treatment with SSRIs, which caused sexual dysfunction [7]. A good choice for regular use even for several months, which can also result in a better frame of mind and better stress tolerance. Mac is a particularly popular choice among women.


  1. Tribulus Terrestris

A great plant whose action is often misunderstood. When using Tribulus, we should not expect an increase in testosterone, but only positive feelings that are characteristic for androgens. This is due to the fact that regularly adopted Tribulus increases the density of androgen receptors in the brain [8], making testosterone and DHT work well, even when their levels do not change. Although it’s considered to be a male supplement, it also works well for women. It’s also included in the group of adaptogens, and as mentioned above, stress control is also beneficial in the aspect we are discussing. In a study with the use of a puncture vine extractin women with reduced libido, there was a noticeable improvement in sex-related parameters such as desire, lubrication or satisfaction after 4 weeks [9].

The order of the products is neither defined nor efficacy nor quality, because the measures mentioned differ in the mechanism of action, and for each person differentproduct may be appropriate.

In summary, there are many natural and non-invasive ways to improve sexual life. Several factors may affect the reduction of libido, such as hormone disorders, neurotransmitter imbalances or excessive stress in life. By choosing a supplement adequately to your needs, you can achieve great results and improve your quality of life.