Is resignation from peanut butter necessary?

Peanut butter is one of the products that people who take care of a slim figure usually give up.This is due to its high caloric value, as well as the opinion that peanut butter is harmful to health.On the other hand, the product tastes very good, so not everyone wants to give it up altogether.It is worth considering whether it is really necessary.

Peanut Butter Smooth

It is impossible to deny that peanut butter is a high-calorie product, just like the nuts from which it is made.It is worth remembering that healthy weight loss is not about obsessive calorie conversion. Every dietitian will confirm that the nuts are very healthy .They are the source of many vitamins and minerals. They exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, support the nervous system, reduce the level of bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke and myocardial infarction. Nuts contain a lot of unsaturated fats that support fat burning. According to the American dietitian Jonny Bowden, the reduction diet should contain small amounts of unsaturated fat, because they give a long-lasting feeling of satiety, and thus limit the desire to snack.It is important that these suspicions have been scientifically confirmed. This was done by researchers at the Boston Harvard School of Public Health.During their observations, it turned out that women who were eating peanut butter at least twice a week were thinner than those who gave up completely.Nuts are also a valuable source of easily digestible protein. For this reason, they are especially recommended for people who eliminate or significantly limit the consumption of meat.It is worth, therefore, that the nuts are a permanent element of the menu. Of course, they should be consumed in reasonable quantities. Nuts can be just such a portion of nuts.This does not mean,however, that every butter is worth recommending. The impact of peanut butter on health depends primarily on its composition.Good butter should consist only of nuts and a small addition of vegetable oil.Instead, peanut butter, which contains sugar, as well as that made from roasted or salted nuts, should be avoided.A very good solution is the self-preparation of peanut butter.Contrary to appearances, making it is not too complicated. Both peanuts and peanuts as well as almonds can be used for this purpose.This butter will be an ideal addition to, for example, breads or desserts.It goes well with not only salty but also sweet dishes.


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Peanut butter is healthy, but it does not mean that you can consume them in unlimited quantities.In 100 grams of the product there is as much as 655 kcal, and in one flat teaspoon 32.75 kcal, that’s why people who want to keep a slim figure with peanut butter should use moderation.


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