Strawberries and pregnancy – can pregnant women eat strawberries?

If you are pregnant, do not regret having mature, fragrant strawberries. You may have heard the opinion that eating strawberries in pregnancy may cause allergy to your future child – so far, this has not been proven. There are even recommendations that pregnant women and nursing food allergy products – strawberries, among other things, because in this way they increase the child’s tolerance.

Are you wondering if eating strawberry strawberries is a good idea? Strawberries are a great source of valuable nutrients. If you are not allergic to these fruits, eat them daily (25 dag). They will bring you the same benefits.


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Strawberries alone health for a pregnant woman

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C (10 dag satisfies the daily demand for this vitamin), they support the absorption of iron. Their stones contain fiber, which prevents constipation. For this they have diuretic properties, so they help cleanse the body of toxins and prevent edema. Thanks to vitamins from group B and magnesium, they have anti-depressant effects. And the salts of phosphorus, calcium, silicon and manganese strengthen the bones and give beauty to the skin, nails and hair. And in contrast to the exotic fruits imported from afar, they are not chemically protected from deterioration.

Before eating, wash the strawberries thoroughly, but note – with stalks, otherwise absorb water like a sponge, and then they taste worse and break down easily.


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