Bread and cereal products – check how many calories you have!

According to the calorie table, one of the most calorie products is pita bread, and the least calories can be found in pumpernickel bread.

The table of calories contained in bread and cereal products will be useful not only to people on a diet, but also to lovers of bread, buns or various types of groats.So check how many calories have bread and cereal products.

A calorie table of bread and cereal products will allow you to set your daily menu.It is worth remembering that the consumption of cereal products, especially whole grains, is recommended by the Institute of Food and Nutrition as very important – just after fruits and vegetables.


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How many calories does bread have?

  1. The most caloric bread

Caloricity of different types of bread differs little – the most caloric can be considered wheat bread – in 100 grams there are 257 kilocalories, a little less in ordinary bread – 248 kcal and sieve bread – 220 kcal.Eating one wheat bun is an additional 173 kcal.However, pita bread excels in the calorific value of bread – in its 100 grams we find 262 ilocalories.

The real calorie bombs are also a bun with poppy seeds – 352 kcal and a bun with marmalade – 343 kcal.

  1. The least caloric bread

Less caloric, and hence – recommended for people on a diet – is pumpernickel bread – in 100 grams it contains 240 kcal, and also proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids, nutrients, minerals.Less wholewheat is wholemeal bread on honey, which in 100 grams has 225 kcal.

Do you cook buckwheat or rice in sacks?You regularly treadIn a plastic bag for rice and kasha, a toxic substance is present.Regularly consumed, it ruins health.


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How many calories does the flour have?

Very popular wheat flour is among the calories of this kind of products in the middle – it contains 347 kcal, this type of flour also has a high glycemic index – 90. In turn, krupczatka flour in 100 grams has 354 kcal. Wheat flour in terms of the number of kilocalories exceeds by far the soy flour, having their 424 (but low glycemic index – only 25).The least caloric is buckwheat flour – 335 kcal.

How many calories does rice have?

Considering the number of calories, those in different types of rice are similar.White rice contains 344 kcal, and brown rice – 322. On the other hand, the glycemic index of brown rice is 50, and white rice – 70, that’s why dark people are definitely recommended for slimming people


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