DNA damage in diabetic runners.

Intensive exercise triggers DNA damage associated with the interaction of reactive oxygen and nitrogen. Is diabetes conducive to the deepening of tissue damage or is it not related to this? 


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Researchers led by Giuseppe Lippi answered this question. The study involved 19 runners with normal glycemia and 16 diabetics (9 with type 1 diabetes and 7 with type 2 diabetes). They took part in the 21.1 km run. Blood samples were taken and histone H2AX (γ-H2AX) phosphorylation was determined before and 3 h after the run. The emergence of γ-H2AX is associated with DNA damage. 


With DNA damage and histone phosphorylation, H2AX binds 


Based on γ-H2AX as a marker for double-stranded DNA breaks 



The conclusion of DNA damage after running on 21.1 km in diabetes is comparable to that of healthy runners with normal glycemia. 


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