Viking diet

On the Scandinavian tables often appear cabbage dishes, rye bread, root vegetables and other products valuable for health. According to the researchers, this way of eating can reduce the risk of death by up to 30%.


Points for eating cabbage

The researchers assessed the group of respondents on a scale from 0 to 6 depending on how closely the members were sticking to the traditional Scandinavian menu. With each point awarded, the risk of death decreased by 4-6%. The tests lasted 12 years. Men who received the highest number of points reduced this risk by 36% and women by 25%. As it turned out, cabbage, rye bread and root vegetables are primarily responsible for the health benefits of the Scandinavian diet. Other components of the “Viking diet”, fish, apples, pears and oatmeal have similar effects.


Difference between the sexes

When scientists analyzed the impact of diet on women and men, they found interesting differences. Both men and women had tangible benefits from eating one and a half glasses of cabbage a week. Meanwhile, rye bread was much more used by men than women, but they were more likely than men to eat root vegetables.


Power products

Rye bread contains vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that control the level of sugar and insulin in the blood.

Cabbage has detoxifying properties and has anti-cancer properties.

Carrot is the best source of beta carotene among root vegetables.

When the diet is full of these three ingredients, people using it can count on a reduction in the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.