Unknown, negative effects of eating sweets!

At the beginning I want to explain something to you – it will not be one of those articles in which eating sweets is strictly forbidden. Good cake from time to time is a great pleasure. If you additionally eat them in good company, savoring every bite, nothing bad will happen. You will not suddenly gain 5 kg, that’s not enough, those moments of joy will make you happier. We will not take this away from you! 


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What I am writing about concerns the unreflective, frequent eating of poor quality sweets. The bar from the vending machine, a piece of jam from the grocery store, a can of carbonated drink or a packet of sweets eaten in the car, in traffic … You feel the sweet taste, but is it a pleasure? You know that you should end this, but you lack motivation, and subsequent temptations grow like mushrooms after rain. See what surprising negative effects bring frequent use of sweets. 

Willingness for depression 

High intake of sugar directly affects the brain by changing the activity of genes responsible for your mood. It comes to a chain reaction in which one gene modifies the functions of the other. As a result, there is a fluctuation in the release of neurotransmitters responsible for the mood. The more sweets you eat, the greater the risk of becoming depressed! 

Bad condition of the skin 

When your body is subject to frequent and rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels, the dermis is damaged. This process is called glycation and involves the incorporation of sugar into skin proteins, which leads to faster aging. The elasticity of the skin decreases, wrinkles appear faster and the face looks tired and falling. 

Worse results at work 

Do you reach for sweets every day? Count on the fact that you will achieve worse results at work! Why? Sudden changes in blood glucose drastically reduce concentration, leading to drowsiness (high blood glucose) or nervousness and anxiety (low glucose). At the same time, sugar affects your memory by significantly degrading it. Not only you are distracted, you do not connect facts, you can not remember anything yet! 

Less desire for sex 

Sweets affect your sex life. People whose diet is rich in sugar are usually much more tired after a full day of work. In addition, high glucose levels damage the blood vessels and affect the deterioration of blood supply. Effect? Less sex pleasure! A high dose of sweetness also affects your man by lowering testosterone levels. Not worth it! 


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