Sugar harms you

Excessive sugar intake is a disadvantage to our health.Sugar fattens, steals from the body an important vitamin B1, in addition, is responsible for diabetes, arteriosclerosis, weakening of the body’s immune system and caries.People can not stay alive on a diet of sugar.An example of this are the survivors who for nine days ate and drank only sugar and rum.

In 1793 an accident happened.The ship carrying the sugar cargo crashed.The five seafarers who survived were on their own for nine days.They fought for survival.The only food they had was sugar and rum.

After saving them and carrying out the research, it turned out that they were in a state of destruction caused by hunger.This accident gave rise to research on sugar and its effects on our body and inspired the outstanding French philosopher F. Magendie.


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Magendie began to carry out a number of experiments and studies on animals, especially dogs, regarding the effects of sugar on the body.The results of his work were published in 1816. All dogs that were fed with foods based on sugar or olive oil and water died.This experiment made the sugar industry aware of the risks that sugar presents to our health.Since then, he has spent millions of dollars and employed the best-known authorities who, for the money they received, would find some pseudo-scientific evidence refuting the theory about sugar.

Despite this, it has been proven that sugar is the main factor causing tooth decay.Excessive consumption of sugar causes overweight.Removing it from the diet treats symptoms of crippling, widespread diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Sugar can cause hypoglycaemia and overweight leading to diabetes and obesity, both in adults and children.Sugar rinses mineral salts and vitamins from the body, raises blood pressure, triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, increasing the risk of heart attack.


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As already mentioned, it causes tooth decay and periodontitis, which in turn lead to loss of teeth and general infection of the body.

It is sugar that causes the child’s mind to have trouble learning and focusing attention.And so often we allow children to eat sweet bars or cookies ….

Both in children and adults, sugar induces destructive behavior, learning disabilities and ease of forgetting.

It is also a factor initiating the failure of the autoimmune and immune system, which ends up with diseases such as arthritis, allergy and asthma.

Sugar also disturbs hormonal balance and supports the growth of cancer cells.

Excessive consumption of sugar leads to addiction.This habit arises as early as in infancy.

We must remember that excessive amounts of sugar can lead to relative deficiencies of proteins, minerals and B vitamins and to gastrointestinal disorders.Isolated sugar disturbs the processes regulating the natural level of glucose in the blood.

When we eat a sweet cake or drink a sweet drink, our teeth first come into contact with the sugar.The sludge created on the teeth is an excellent medium for microbes that attack the enamel.

Sugar solutions strongly irritate the mucous membranes that line the stomach and duodenum, which promotes the formation of ulcers.

To digest sugar, the body lends B vitamins, calcium, magnesium or chromium from other foods.Excessive intake leads to diabetes.Sugar removed from the blood by insulin, if it can not be as a reserve stored in the liver, is deposited in the form of fat in the hips or waist.

So what are we to do?Will we always be slaves to our sugar addiction, or is there an effective way to get rid of the habit of eating it?

Sugar can be replaced with xylitol.It is a low-calorie sugar made from birch bark.He was known for organic chemistry as early as 1891. He was again discovered during the Second World War when Finland suffered from severe sugar deprivation.In the absence of local sources, the Finns were looking for a substitute product and it was then that Finnish scientists discovered xylitol for the second time.An alternative to sugar is also honey.


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