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Fashionable food products – trends in nutrition in 2018

Each year brings fashion for food products that are gaining popularity by day.Initially, they go to the kitchen shelves and to the refrigerators of people for whom a healthy lifestyle is his essence, and the novelty on the food market – must have.Then they reach an ever wider circle, until finally they are on everyone’s lips.In recent years, it waswith goji berries, chia seeds, spirulina or green cocktails.What products will be fashionable this year?What trends in food will bring 2018?

  1. Leguminous plants

The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses.All this to spread knowledge about their pro-health properties and encourage society to eat them.Legumes are a source of vitamins and proteins of vegetable origin, which should be part of a healthy diet, preventing obesity and protecting the body against civilization diseases.In addition, leguminous plants have a very good effect on the environment – during the growth they bind nitrogen, thanks to which they fertilize the soil.In addition to peas and beans, more and more lentils will go to our shopping baskets, especially chickpeas, which can be easily processed into hummus.In societies where there is still a shortage of time, legume seeds are not very popular, because their preparation is time-consuming – you have to soak them, preferably a dozen or so hours, and cook for a long time.Hence, 2018 is to be the year of preparations of legume seeds – flours, pastes and pâtés.

  1. Ancient grains

Due to the persistence of the gluten-free diet and the criticism of cereals commonly used in food production, the seeds so far forgotten and almost unused.They are considered natural and much healthier because they have not been modified and improved for human needs.These includekamut, bulgur, sorghum, amaranth, kaniwa, farro and quinoa.Ancient cereals, depending on the species, are gluten-free or not, they contain a lot of vitamin B and fiber.This year, look for them in cereal products, cereals, and even ready meals, because they will conquer the market.

  1. Pasta with vegetables

Pasta prepared from vegetables will be a hit this year and we will be happy to replace it with this traditional one.To make it you only need a special peeler available in shops with kitchen equipment.The best for preparing vegetable pasta is zucchini, eggplant, cucumber, carrot or turnip.The vegetables are enough to wash, harder to remove the skin and cut with a peeler.The method is easy, fast and very healthy.We gain a low-calorie product and full of vitamins, which will replace traditional pasta even in spaghetti with tomato sauce.

  1. Probiotics

The slogan that the intestines are our second brain is getting louder and louder.Their proper functioning depends on the good condition of the whole organism.I’m talking not only about diseases of the digestive system.Intestinal dysfunction may even lead to depression in an indirect way!In order for the intestines to function properly, it is necessary to balance the bacterial flora that we can support by providing the body with probiotics, i.e. beneficial intestinal bacteria such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, L. plantarum, L. rhamnosus and L. reuteri.Traditionally, probiotic bacteria can be found in yoghurts and kefirs.This year, food products with the addition of beneficial bacteria, which nobody has thought of so far, such as fruit juices, water and breakfast cereals, will become popular.At the Natural Products Expo East fair in 2015, completely unusual products enriched with probiotic bacteria appeared, such as a vegan spread resembling butter made from coconut oil, high-protein muffins, and fruit and vegetable juices sweetened with maple syrup.All this to improve the health and work of the intestines.

Probiotics Mood+

  1. Artichoke water

For some time, liquid potions, various types of beverages have been introduced to the market, which are supposed to bring health benefits, prevent diseases, improve vitality, and help to lose unnecessary kilograms.On the store shelves we can find coconut water, aloe vera, vitamin drinks, or even green cocktails.This year, artichoke water will join the group of health drinks.Artichoke due to the presence of cynarin and chlorogenic acid is associated with the support of losing weight and improving the work of the liver.The artichoke drink has a sweet taste, it is very rich in magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, its extracts love people on a diet, and this year most of us will pay attention to it.

  1. Healthy fats

Fat-containing products return to our tables.We slowly turn away from 0% products and start to pay attention not to how much, but what fats we introduce into the diet.In 2018, the consumption of products naturally rich in healthy fats, primarily mono- and polyunsaturated, such as oily sea fish, avocados, nuts and vegetable oils, will grow.We will also buy full-fat dairy products.The conviction that milk fat may be beneficial for health is becoming more and more common.It contains conjugated linoleic acid, which can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and slow the growth of cancer cells.Numerous studies also indicate that there is no relationship between the presence of small amounts of milk fat in the diet, and obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.Which does not mean, however, that we are returning to frying in butter and spreading the bread with its thick layer!


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  1. Beets

There are many indications that beside the avocado, beetroots can become the vegetable of the year.So far forgotten and, like other root vegetables, underestimated, many of us enter the kitchen.In 2018, we will buy beets more and more willingly in the form of raw and processed products – as a single-ingredient juice or with the addition of fruit, a baking paste or sports drink.Consumption of beets brings many health benefits because they are rich in antioxidant compounds, betalains, folic acid, fiber and minerals manganese, potassium, copper and magnesium.Scientific magazines prove that beets have an antioxidant effect, reduce inflammation in the body and protect cells from cancer development.


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