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Automasage of soft tissues using a roller

Roller is a device that has gained popularity quite recently. Until now, it was mainly used by professional athletes and physiotherapists for auto-massage. Today, every person who carries out his health is able to use his skills at both amateur and professional levels. The advantages of using soft tissue automatic massage are the whole range. If you want to know them, I invite you to read the article below.

  1. What is auto massage? Automasage as the name suggests, is nothing other than massaging yourself with the use of appropriate tools or without them. However, in this article we will focus on automasa¿ using the simplest object, which is roller.

It is the simplicity of this auto-massage tool that makes it become more and more popular. All you have to do is spend 15-20 minutes 3 times a week to experience the benefits of using it.

What is rolling about? This exercise consists in loading a given muscle group on a properly selected roller blade, and then moving the body in both directions along the entire length of the muscle. We can properly manipulate the force of pressure.

For example, a beginner should start by rolling both two-headed muscles at once, because rolling them separately increases the pressure almost twice, which can cause unpleasant pain. However, we should gradually strive to exert as much pressure as possible on the rolled-up parties in order to get the most out of the auto-massage. Remember that some parties will require more pressure, while others will have less pain tolerance.


  1. Who can use auto-massage using a roller, and who should not? In fact, every healthy person can and should use with roller shutter. Even those practicing purely amateurishness will draw a number of positive health benefits and improve exercise capacity. Contraindications may include the following accidents: tendencies to hematomas, vascular skin, bruises, fresh injuries and tendencies to form congestion.


  1. Types of rollers and their application. Roller is a roller made of artificial material with a smooth or serrated surface. There are many different types of rollers available on the market. Hard, soft, with protrusions, smooth. What kind of roller to choose?

Choose a roller suitable for our purposes. Generalizing, however, the most universal choice will be a smooth roller with soft or medium hardness.

Hard rollers, especially those with insets, are recommended mainly for advanced people, ie those who have already had contact with this type of equipment and know perfectly well why and how to use them. They are used mainly to break down trigger points and for therapeutic treatment. In contrast, rollers of medium hardness and soft rollers are used for strengthening training. If you’re a beginner, buy a soft roller with a smooth surface.


  1. Rolling fascia What is fascia? The fascia is otherwise a membrane made up of connective tissue that surrounds our muscles. It can be compared to a suit that is under the skin. The fascia is attached to bones and separates the given muscle groups, providing structural body unity. However, the fascias are surrounded not only by muscles but also by internal organs, joints and even nerves.

How Roller Rolling Affects the Fascia? The fascia structures that are subjected to compression with the help of a roller relax and become detached from the muscle. Thanks to this, these structures become more hydrated, thus increasing the slip of the muscle fascia and making the body more flexible. And let’s remember that the tissues are not very hydrated and mobile are much more susceptible to injuries and injuries.


  1. How much time should the automasage last? As part of the warm-up it is enough for each batch to be made after

8 repetitions of a given exercise. However, when it comes to rolling after training, then you only need to spend about 3 minutes for each party.