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Iron rules of losing weight

As in any other area of ​​life, also in reducing body fat, if you want to succeed, you must plan your activities ahead of time and then follow a specific plan. In this article, you will learn the 10 commandments of successful fat burning. If you conscientiously follow them, you will certainly see surprising results.

  1. You will plan ahead

This is the simplest and deepest commandment. To succeed in every area of ​​life, you must plan ahead. Plan what to eat, plan when you do shopping and what to buy, plan, when you will cook and how long you will be prepared meals.

  1. You will eat “clean” food in 90% of accidents

A diet that is 100% effective is effective, but it can lead many to madness. Therefore, it is better to enjoy your favorite meal from time to time, such as a wheat roll with butter and cheese, burger, pizza or ice cream. You have 10% available for this type of food.

The important thing is that you do not feel bad about eating unhealthy foods thinking that you’ve broken your diet. Many people have remorse, start starving and running to burn calories. Remember, however, that this is part of the plan. If we do math and assume that you eat 4 meals a day, 7 days a week, which gives a total of 28 meals. 90% of 28 are about 25 meals consisting of clean food and 3 meals in which you can eat what you want as part of the planned calorie diet.

  1. You will include protein in every meal

The protein is very filling. It helps in the repair of damaged muscle tissue and effectively promotes regeneration. Increasing the supply of protein during the reduction is a wise move.

It is worth ensuring that the protein is present in every meal during the day in an amount not smaller than 20 g.

  1. You will be lifting weights

If you want to achieve a perfectly sculpted body, you need to introduce some kind of resistance training. Cardio is not enough, so if you walk and run and think that it is enough to transform your body, then know that it is not. Any type of sensible resistance training will help you achieve your goal.

  1. You will include vegetables in every meal

Vegetables are low in calories, they have a lot of water, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Adding vegetables to a meal significantly affects its volume and feeling of satiety after eating it. During the reduction are very important determinants affecting the composition of meals.

There are very few products in the diet that will give you as many benefits as vegetables.

  1. You will not eat products filled with sugar

You must be extra vigilant. Sugar is present not only in sweets and cakes. You can also find it in fruit yoghurts, breakfast cereals, juices and beverages. Do you want to effectively reduce body fat? Opt out of these products.

  1. You will drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day

There is nothing less calorific and safer to drink than water. Water is literally what keeps us alive. In fact, our body has over 70% water. Every day we lose a lot of water, so we have to supplement it on a regular basis.

Water helps control your appetite. First, it takes up space in the stomach and we feel more full. Secondly, it often happens that we confuse the feeling of hunger and thirst.

Always have a bottle of water with you and drink all day with small sips.

When you drink too little water, the whole body is loaded. From the kidneys to the heart, the entire circulatory system and the brain.

  1. You will be active every day

Weightlifting is a great exercise, but let’s assume you’re doing it an hour four times a week, and that’s going to be a lot for most people. What are you doing the remaining 23 hours during the day? You’re probably sitting all day in the office or on the couch watching TV.

Four hours of activity during the whole week is definitely not enough.

You must move more!

Walk, get off the bus faster, go shopping, go cycling, work in the garden, go up the stairs. Everything to increase daily activity unrelated to training.

  1. You add fruit to your diet

Many people, when switching to reduction, give up eating fruit because they have heard about the fact that the fruit is the same sugar. Yes, fruits contain a lot of simple sugars, but first of all they are sugars of natural origin. Secondly, they are accompanied by fiber, a lot of water, vitamins and minerals. They are healthy and filling. Most fruits are low in calories. Replace the sweets you eat with fruits. The more colorful fruit you eat, the better. Therefore, reach for different fruits every day.

  1. You will only eat those ingredients whose name you can pronounce

What is the purpose of this principle? Limiting the consumption of prepacked, processed food.

This principle also applies to energy bars, energy drinks, cocktails and many other pseudo-health food products , even those that advertise as organic, and which in fact have many undesirable ingredients.

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Resveratrol and leucine – fat burning combo

Thermogenic classic products are usually designed on the basis of ingredients that effectively raise the level of thermogenesis, which translates, among other things, into an increase in lipolysis. Tennessee researchers have proven that leucine and resveratrol should also be a component of this type of stacks, because their combination effectively promotes slimming.


Thermogenic products are usually designed on the basis of ingredients which effectively increase the level of thermogenesis, which translates to, among others, to increase the level of lipolysis. Researchers from Tennessee showed that leucine and resveratrol should also be a component of this type stacks, as their combination effectively supports weight loss.


The researchers in the experiment used mice that were fattened for the experiment.The period of their overeating lasted for 6 weeks.After 6 weeks, the diet of mice was enriched with a combination of leucine resveratrol, resveratrol with HMB, and some mice were a control group.


At the end of the experiment were measured level of adiposity. Mice from the group resveratrol + leucine, lost 35% body fat than control mice. Trans resveratrol administered solo allowed loss of 8% more fat than the placebo group.

Use a blend of resveratrol with leucine or HMB characterized by increased activity of the enzyme AMPK. Also, the level of insulin in their bodies fell, which resulted in higher glucose uptake by muscle cells.


The combination of resveratrol with leucine shows the highest enzyme activity, which effectively helps to reduce body fat. Similarly, a combination of resveratrol with a metabolite of leucine, HMB, also have been shown to lose body fat. This is information which can be used by someone having using stimulants as an opportunity for real support in the weight loss process.