White sausages – baked and not only – nutritional values

White sausage can be baked, but on the Easter table there is white boiled sausage, basically steamed. How much time to cook white sausage? How to make white sausage to be tender and juicy? Check how many calories (kcal) has a white sausage, or is healthy and how to choose a white sausage of good quality.

White sausage is made from beef and pork meat combined with natural spices, such as garlic, marjoram, black and white pepper and food salt. Then the white sausage is not boiled but brewed. White sausage is not boiling! White sausage is brewing.

In the production process of white sausage, first pork and beef meat is minced, followed by mincing meat with ice, garlic, white and black pepper until a homogeneous, well-connected mass is obtained at a temperature no higher than 15 degrees Celsius. with the addition of marjoram, vacuum is mixed to achieve an even distribution of ingredients and a homogeneous mass of suitable consistency and stickiness. The last two stages of sausage production are the filling and filling of pork intestines with mixed mass and cooling to the right temperature.


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White sausage – why is it white?

The color of the raw white sausage is the color of the natural intestine with the translucent ingredients of the stuffing.The color on the cross-section is the proper color for the raw materials used, the color of the meat is slightly pink, the fat is white and after the scalding the meat becomes gray.

‘White sausage is known in raw, cured, scalded or grilled form.’

The white sausage will be the tastiest when the pot with sausage turns off when the water barely starts boiling. From now on sausage under the cover should be brewing from 20 to 30 minutes.

If the skin at the beginning is transparent, then the determinant of the finished sausage will be the time when it turns white. Good advice so that the white sausage does not break, it is good to shade each piece before putting in a pot.

White sausage – how to recognize this good quality?

The real white sausage after scalding should be gray. If you notice that the white sausage is slightly pink, it means that preservatives, such as curing salt, have been added to it.

After brewing, the white sausage is juicy with a palpable flavor of the spices used to make it. If you can touch the white sausage, check if the indentation you have left after pressing it lasts longer Yes, this can be a sign of the sausage’s high water content.

When a white sausage of poor quality is placed on the plate, after watering the fork, water and fat spurt out of it. The real white sausage after cutting does not let almost water out.

To a cheap sausage, a lot of salt is poured, it puts in cheap meat and it pumps hot fat and water into the flak. Good sausage is twice as expensive, but the taste exceeds that cheap many times.

The white sausage from the store mostly consists of meat, but you can also find there numerous undesirable ingredients, such as stabilizers E451 (I, II), E450 (III, V), maltodextrin, acidity regulator, sodium acetate, citric acid, sodium citrate, antioxidants E315, E316, flavor enhancer E621, preservative E250.


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