25-products which accelerate slimming

Are you overweight or already ill with obesity? Are you on a slimming diet? In the garden, orchard, market and shelves in the store you will find many products that speed up metabolism and fat burning. Meet 25 products that promote weight reduction. 

The treatment of overweight and obesity should always begin with a visit to the doctor. If the doctor, after appropriate tests, excludes diseases that may have contributed to excessive body weight, you need to consult a dietitian. This specialist will set an individual reduction diet for you, or a slimming diet. The best reduction diet is one that is suited to your body and lifestyle. Such a diet contains products that in an appropriate amount will ensure a safe, constant, regular weight loss. However, if you have not yet reached the dietitian, today you can introduce products to your menu that are known to facilitate weight loss. 


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1. Amaranth.

Amaranth seed flakes are one of the richest nutritious products. They contain about 17% protein with a biological value, unique for vegetable protein. They are rich in lysine, methionine and tryptophan, whose cereal proteins are definitely less. The biological value of amaranth protein is about 75%, which exceeds the biological value of milk (73%), barley (62%), wheat (56%) or maize (44%). The fat (approx. 8%) contained in the amaranth flakes is rich in essential fatty acids and tocotrienols, ie derivatives of vitamin E. Amaranth seed flakes are also rich in iron, calcium and magnesium.  

2. Watermelon.

Up to 90 percent the weight of this fruit is water! But watermelon also contains a large amount of lycopene (antioxidant) and vitamins A and C. The watermelon eaten before a meal effectively fills the stomach and thus prevents overeating with other calorie foods.

3. Crunchy bread.

According to scientific research, people who avoid white wheat flour products and enrich the diet with wholemeal products have less tendency to accumulate fatty tissue on the stomach and inside it. It’s so-called visceral fat, very heavy on the heart and circulatory system. Replace white bread, white pasta and processed breakfast cereals for their full-blown counterparts. Wholemeal, crunchy pieces of bread are a good alternative to eg crackers. 

4. Lean meat.

The best for a reducing diet is poultry without skin or lean beef. These meats contain a lot of protein, which speeds up the metabolism. And thanks to the small amount of fat they are less calorific. A portion of high-quality beef weighing 100 g contains only 4 g of unwanted saturated fat. 

5. Cinnamon.

Scientific research shows that cinnamon can help stabilize blood sugar levels and thus control over excessive appetite. Especially in people with type II diabetes. Cinnamon is a great substitute for sugar in coffee or tea. It’s a simple and tasty way to exclude lots of sugar calories from drinks.

6. Beans.

Beans contain a lot of protein and fiber, and little fat. Therefore, the beans have low calories and are perfectly sated. It can be added to soups, salads, or in the form grated to pastes and dips. Pay special attention to white beans, which improve metabolism, diuretic and relaxant. Thanks to it, you will get rid of excess water from the body, so you will look thinner. 

7. Tea.

Red tea blocks the absorption of fat that you take with food, and also speeds up metabolism. However, the infusion of green tea leaves promotes digestion and makes you feel that after a full and hard to digest meal you do not feel that your stomach is full. 

8. Grapefruit.

This fruit has no magical effect on the metabolism, but it allows you to saturate with less calories than other fruits. In the white coating of the grapefruit, just under the skin and in the pellicles in the individual particles there is a lot of fiber. Grapefruit effectively suppresses the appetite, and also helps to remove from the body the fat that accumulates on the hips, buttocks and legs and prevents the penetration of new fat into the cells.

9. Pears and apples.

Use pears with pears and apples, because they contain a lot of sugar. But they also have a lot of water in them, and their skin provides fiber, which fills the stomach and speeds up the intestinal function. For this reason, having a choice of fruit or juice made from it, it is definitely better to choose the fruit. 

10. Blueberries.

They contain a lot of water and fiber, so they last for a long time. The berries are sweet, but allow you to satisfy your taste for a sweet delicacy with much lower calorific expense than, for example, cookies or chocolate. The berries are also extremely rich in antioxidants! 

11. Eggs.

Scientific research has proved that eating a breakfast rich in protein allows you to satisfy your hunger and give up or limit the size and caloric snack before dinner. So let’s include an egg for breakfast. One egg is only 75 kcal and up to 7 g high quality protein. High-protein breakfast speeds up the metabolism more than a meal with lots of carbohydrates. 

12. Greek / Balkan yoghurt contains twice as much protein as other yoghurts.

And when the protein is more and is digested longer, it is better fed. The best on the reduction diet are yogurts with the lowest sugar content. They prevent a sharp increase in blood sugar levels, suppress hunger pains and keep the body in calorie burning mode – derived from fat. 

13. Coffee.

This favorite drink of many people can help in weight loss, because the compact caffeine in it accelerates the metabolic rate. You can, however, destroy this effect by adding a large amount of cream and sugar to the coffee, because their calorific value will significantly exceed the number of calories burnt thanks to caffeine. 

14. Quinoa.

You can find it in stores also under the name quinoa. Quinoa is a seed originating from South America, which the Inca was named the mother of grains. Compared to other cereals, quinoa has the most protein 8 g in the glass. Komosha is also rich in fiber and easy in kitchen processing. Just cook it, just like rice. Quinoa also has more calcium than milk. It is also a good source of iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin E and B vitamins. 

15. Linen breakfast cereal. Linen flakes are a form of linseed. The abundance of nutrients contained in linseed is better absorbed by the body, when grains are transformed into flakes. Linen breakfast cereals contain such valuable substances as fiber regulating the digestive tract, easily digestible protein rich in exogenous amino acids, as well as lignans neutralizing free radicals and soothing the symptoms of menopause. Linen flakes are recommended as an addition to muesli, oat or corn flakes. 

16. Skimmed milk.

It provides protein and calcium, but does not contain fat, which is found in full-fat milk. Milk stays in the stomach longer than water, so it sucks for longer, and at the same time well hydrates the body. Researchers suggest that skim milk – like other lean dairy products – favors reducing body fat located on the stomach. 

17. Nuts.

They are an excellent snack rich in protein, fiber and healthy fatty acids. They also promote weight reduction and lower blood cholesterol levels. In order to effectively help you lose weight, you must meet one condition – eat it in moderation, in small amounts! Do not place the whole packet of nuts in front of you, but put the prepared portion into a bowl and stop at it. 

18. Hot chili pepper.

It contains an odorless substance called capsaicin, which suppresses appetite and slightly accelerates metabolism. Spicy seasoning also makes it usually eaten less, so we absorb fewer calories. 

19. Whole-grain cereal.

It is worth eating not only for breakfast, adding warm water or warm skim milk to them. Whole-grain flakes have a lot of fiber. The warm liquid you add to them makes you eat more slowly, eat a smaller portion faster, and fiber fill your stomach with a feeling of fullness. However, avoid sweeteners and coatings because they have more calories. Decide for yourself how to season them with cinnamon, vanilla or fruit. 

20. Pumpkin seeds.

They are a natural source of fiber, minerals and vitamins, support the proper functioning of the intestines. 

21. Popcorn.

Prepared from corn grains without fat, e.g. a home microwave oven, has many advantages. It contains low calories, a lot of fiber and is … filled with air. So you can eat it whole bowl without risking that you get fat. 

22. Fish.

This is one of the best sources of protein. Research also shows that fish is better than poultry and beef. The meat of most fish contains little fat, while the greasy species contain health-beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. The Atlantic herring, salmon and other marine fish are considered the best for health fish. health. 

23. Lettuce.

The lettuce alone or in the form of all kinds of salads is a great dish before a more calorific dish. This principle is used by, for example, French and Swiss people. Lettuce contains a lot of water and fiber, so it is another product that effectively fills the stomach. There are hundreds of recipes for salads with vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc., but remember to choose the least caloric additives for lettuce. Also pay attention to sauces. Avoid these high-calorie foods, e.g. with mayonnaise. If you’re on a reducing diet, eat salads with a vinaigrette sauce or a small amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

24. Dried plums.

They are rich in fiber, they help burn fat. In addition, the organism contained in plum pectin reacts very quickly with a feeling of fullness. 

25. Fresh vegetables.

Such as, for example, carrots, celery, kohlrabi. It’s a perfect, crispy, full of water and fiber, low-calorie snack. For example, half a glass of chopped celery only has 8 calories! 


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