5 myths about intimate infections

Intimate infections are disorders of the vaginal microflora. They manifest themselves with pruritus, vaginal discharge, burning of the vagina and vulva, pain during urination, during and after intercourse, and in some cases even increase in body temperature. Little is said about intimate infections, because for most it is quite a difficult and shameful topic. Wrongly, because the inflammation itself is the same disease as any other. Despite this, there are still many myths and urban legends about intimate infections. Which are true and which are not? We explain! 


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MYTH 1 Intimate infections affect only young, sexually active women 

The truth is that intimate infections can affect anyone, regardless of age. However, the most vulnerable are two groups – young women and those entering the menopausal age. All through hormonal changes, decreases in estrogen levels and a reduction in the amount of lactobacilli in the vagina. 

MYTH 2 Intimate infections are caused by lack of hygiene 

Not completely. One of the reasons for the intimate infection may be a lack of hygiene or inappropriate, often too aggressive hygiene. However, an annoying inflammation can also happen to a person who cares about himself very much. Remember that intimate infections may also be caused by stress, wearing improper underwear, using unsuitable cosmetics or using the pool. 

MYTH 3 Using tampons favors intimate infections 

This is absolutely not true! Properly used and frequently changed tampon should not contribute to the creation or development of intimate infection. Just remember to keep special hygiene during menstruation. 

MYTH 4 The diet is not related to intimate infections 

What we eat has a very big impact on our health and well-being. If your diet is too rich in simple carbohydrates, then there is a greater chance that intimate infections will occur. Ideally, your menu will be varied and rich in whole grains, rice, groats, vegetables and nuts. 

MYTH 5 Home methods are the best way to get rid of intimate infections 

Unfortunately, this is not the best way. Home methods can relieve pain but will not heal the infection completely. How to deal with the problem in this case? Always use proven, clinically tested drugs.


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