6 bread substitutes that you can use for sandwiches!

There is nothing wrong with good-quality bread! Choose bread with the simplest composition of wholemeal flour, water, sourdough, salt and grains. A slice of wholemeal rye bread weighs 35 g, provides 75 kcal and is a good source of beneficial complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamin B. 


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Poles, however, have a great weakness for sandwiches because they are quick to prepare. I’ll show you that you can eat alternative sandwiches without bread. Try these bread replacements to increase the variety in your diet. Our suggestions allow you to prepare your meal as quickly as possible. 

1. Slices of baked sweet potato 

Sweet potato is a slightly sweet vegetable that has a lot of anti-aging beta-carotene. Sweet potatoes are usually quite large and sliced ​​can be substituted in bread. It’s enough to bake the day you peeled vegetables with a small addition of olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs. 

2. Portobello mushrooms 

Large portobello mushrooms are a fantastic replacement for burger buns. One piece has only 31 kcal and is a source of selenium, copper and dietary fiber. If you want to use it instead of bread, all you need is a mushroom with a small addition of rapeseed oil on the grill pan or electric grill. 

3. Rice paper 

The sheet of rice paper has only 9 g and only 6 g of carbohydrates (a slice of bread has about 15-16 g). This product is only slightly moistened with water and is ready for use. You can prepare a low-calorie version of the wraps with vegetables, avocado and eggs. 

4. Raw pepper

Paprika boats are great for bread. This is a very good offer for people who prefer protein-fat breakfasts. Just cut the washed pepper and clean it from the seed nests and then stuff the boat. Prepare the stuffing of cottage cheese with the addition of chopped coriander, sesame and soy sauce. Mix the cheese with toppings and put it into the pepper. 

5. Dry waffles 

Waffles are associated with a caloric dessert with whipped cream and jam? However, this dish can be prepared in many other ways. Dry waffles are an interesting solution instead of bread. Just a waffle maker, flour (eg from chickpeas, buckwheat), eggs, milk or vegetable drink and favorite herbs. Pour the dough prepared in this way to the waffle iron. You can put any additives on the waffle that you usually put on a sandwich. 

6. Leaves of lettuce 

Large lettuce leaves are a low calorie substitute for tortilla bread. One leaf has only 4 kcal and is suitable for wrap wraps. Lettuce does not provide much satiety, therefore always use a portion of protein for sandwiches such as hummus, egg, chicken breast or tofu. Fill the protein with vegetables and any stones or nuts. 


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