A way to clean and healthy water at home

Water plays a huge role in our lives.Its quality influences the taste of prepared dishes, the appearance of the skin and the internal condition of the body. What to do to make sure that the one that flows from our taps is always clean, fresh and above all healthy? Water makes up about 70% of the body weight of an adult human. He is responsible for supplying cells with nutrients, cleansing the body, metabolism and many other processes that take place in our body.We take it with food (0.8-1l) and liquids (1.2-1.5l) – in the form of juices, tea or in its pure form – although we consume too much of it.


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There are several reasons. First of all, not everyone likes the natural taste of water, secondly – we forget how much it affects the proper functioning of the body, thirdly – bottled water, which we buy is too expensive, and the home raises many doubts about cleanliness. With the latter argument, it is difficult to disagree.There are many pollutants in the water that flows from our taps, among them chemical substances (eg arsenic or lead) that can contribute to various diseases.How to protect yourself from contaminated water?

One of the best known and commonly used methods of obtaining clean water is its boiling.And rightly so, but unfortunately we are not all aware that this process does not eliminate all microbiological impurities contained in water. Some of them are resistant to temperatures above 100 ° C and the water is tasteless. Another method is water filters that purify water, improve its quality, but choosing the right device is not a simple matter.


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Before we invest in such equipment, let’s make sure that it meets our expectations, and especially if it eliminates all impurities from the water.It is worth taking a closer look at multi-stage filters, which are subjected to cleaning several times.Such devices do not have to take up a lot of space in the home, and can even be a decorative element of the kitchen.

An example of such equipment is the EdelWasser filter (Zepter).It works on the principle of reverse osmosis and a five-stage filtration system, which results in clean and healthy water.It does not require power supply, and operates on the basis of water pressure, the level of which is automatically and automatically regulated.In addition, the slim housing and small size of the EdelWasser filter allow you to install the equipment anywhere – there is no need for additional space under the sink or in the cabinet.

The difference in the method used to purify the water is noticed immediately.Both in the taste of the meals, tea, coffee, and in the appearance of our skin or hair.Such water is also ideally suited for everyday activities such as ironing.Do not forget, however, that this change will affect our body the most.


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