Agave syrup – a healthier alternative to sugar?

Agave syrup is advertised as a healthier alternative to sugar. His enthusiasts pay attention to the fact that it is a natural product that not only sweetens the popular white crystal, but also has a lower glycemic index and contains many important nutrients. Skeptics argue, however, that the health effects associated with the consumption of agave syrup are the same as those resulting from the consumption of sucrose. How is it really? 


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Agave syrup is a sweetener obtained from two agave species, most often the raw material for its production is Agave tequilana, less frequently Agave salmiana. It is characterized by a pleasant, sweet taste similar to slightly diluted honey. In the processing process, the juice obtained from the aforementioned plants is subjected to filtration and high temperature operation, allowing the degradation of polyfructosates to fructose.

Currently, it can be purchased in both health food stores and many grocery stores and supermarkets. Agave syrup is characterized by a lower glycemic index and a higher sweetness than table sugar, which is considered a healthier alternative for him. The presence of fiber – inulin – is also considered an advantage of this product. Sometimes, attention is paid to the presence of many other health-promoting substances, unfortunately, it is unlikely that they would be present in the final product. 


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