Alcohol – how to reduce the effects of overdose

Very often questions arise about how to minimize muscle loss after playing. 

Well, alcohol is a substance that provides the body with 7kcal per 1g, but as in almost every article on the subject of alcohol (I write here too) are empty calories, they provide only energy. Alcohol does not affect the type 2 fibers, so-called quick shrink fibers (FT – Fast twich). The bodybuilders are most afraid of it. It also causes a lot of damage in the body not only in muscle tissue, it also causes diseases of the digestive system, liver disease, kidney failure, heart disease, mental illness, brain diseases and many more.

Just a few minutes after ingestion, it melts all over your body. The body itself can synthesize it in the digestive system, because it helps in digestion, and thus accelerates metabolism. Therefore, it is worth drinking a glass of red wine a day after a meal. Yes, but when we supply it too much from the outside, the body stops its own production. Also, if we consume too much of this ingredient, the body will not have anything to do with it and put this energy in the adipose tissue, most often it is the tissue located in the abdominal region. 


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Alcohol blocks the absorption of carbohydrates to the greatest extent, which results in the hypoglycemia of the body, not feeding it. A reduced level of glucose in the blood is manifested by nausea, trembling hands, difficulty in maintaining balance. It is all because of this choice, on which the brain is most exposed, for him the most important fuel is glucose. If we have a deficiency, there are symptoms of opiates. 

Alcohol also has diuretic functions, it flushes out water from the body. A lot of people think that what they shed is the satanic drink they have consumed, well not – it is almost the same water, almost, because with it are excreted essential minerals, vitamins … 

So how to minimize the effects of drunkenness, consumption of not a lot of alcohol? 

The best way is to slow the absorption of alcohol, and provide the right amount of carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. 

Before you plan to play, eat a meal that will slow the absorption of alcohol, consume large amounts of fluids to avoid dehydration, and eat any fruit to supplement the sugars in the body minimizing the effect of over-drinking – a hangover. A good option is sipping the fruit juice before drinking a glass. Vitamins, minerals and sugars contained in juices will allow us to maintain the balance of homeostasis to a significant degree (the internal environment of the organism). During the game you should also eat large amounts of meals which will help us. 

And how is alcohol to sleep? It blocks the REM phase which most affects the body to be rested. But this is another fairy tale, yet sleep is the best way to restore the organism. 

When laying down to sleep, remember to lie down on your stomach or side, minimizing the chances of choking on your own vomiting. 


And what to eat when we wake up? 

On a morning meal should be lightly digested, so that it does not burden enough of the exhausted digestive system. Good will be scrambled eggs (sodium retains water in the body), chicken broth. You should eliminate the fat intake completely in this meal – let’s breathe our intestines. As for liquids, water / sodas during the event and the hangover should be discontinued. Isotonic beverages which will supplement minerals will be the best here. However, their taste, smell often rejects so you should drink them in small sips. The intake of some sweet fruit will also be helpful in supplementing liver glycogen. 

If you have a few hours to show up at work and despite the brushing of teeth you feel a pleasant smell, I recommend drinking grapefruit juice here, these fruits contain flavonoids that support the breakdown of alcohol by the liver. You can also try rinsing the mouth with salt and water. Not a pleasant smell is revealed not from the digestive system but from the respiratory system. Alcohol molecules that reach the lungs under the influence of temperature begin to evaporate (that’s why in breathers it blows). On the way to work, you should buy a chewing gum that stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, for people with a tendency to consume large amounts of food, I advise against this because it can make them feel “hungry”. 

Alcohol has a beneficial effect on the body, however, in small amounts. That is why it is the most overdose drug in the world. 


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