Alcohol is not so bad?

On 5 June 2018, a study by Jenni Ervasti et al. On four cohort studies was published. Before anyone starts using the above research as a justification and suggesting that alcohol brings benefits – let us think for a moment. 


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It has been shown that people who do not drink and drink too much more often for various reasons (health) did not appear at work. Women who drink 1-11 units of alcohol a week and men who drink from 1 to 34 units a week were used as a reference point. 


1-11 European units = 1-17 British units = 140 g pure alcohol (for ladies), 


1-23 European units = 1-34 British units = 280 g pure alcohol (for men), 


Let’s refer to popular spirits 


500 ml beer, 4.5% – contains 22.5 ml of ethanol (~ 18 g) in 500 ml, or 126 kcal, 


Beer 500 ml, 6% – contains 30 ml of ethanol (23.7 g) in 500 ml, i.e. 142.2 kcal, 


Beer 500 ml, 10% – contains 50 ml of ethanol (39.5 g) in 500 ml, or 276.5 kcal, 


250 ml vodka (40% ethanol) – provides ethanol (78.9 g), or 552.3 kcal, 


So weekly, the maximum consumption was less than 6 beers a week (6% ethanol) or 442 ml of vodka. For men, the standards were respectively twice as large. In comparison with this group, men and women not drinking at all more often were absent from work due to mental disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the digestive system (gastrointestinal disorders) or respiratory ailments. As the researchers themselves emphasize, this could have been caused by quite different reasons both in the physical and mental spheres. In turn, ladies and gentlemen who drink more than 140 g of pure alcohol per week (women) and 280 g of pure alcohol (men) were more often absent from work due to injuries or poisoning (44%). 


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Does it mean that alcohol protects against diseases? No, it is correlated with the occurrence of numerous types of cancer and has a devastating effect on the entire body. At present, it is considered relatively safe to dose 15 g ethanol per day for women and ~ 30 g for men. Although a small dose can have a negative effect on blood pressure (which is especially important for bodybuilders). In addition, it is difficult to consider a binding test, where in one category, people who consume 8-12 g of alcohol per week (1 unit in different systems) and up to 280 g ethanol per week are treated in one category. At the moment we know that alcohol carries some benefits for the circulatory system, but … in minute doses, and in Poland (and countries of the former Eastern bloc) no one drinks. 

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