Antineoplastic diet

There is no single product whose food would guarantee protection against cancer. However, there are rules that allow you to compose a diet to effectively reduce the risk of cancer.


Two-thirds of the food, at each meal, should be plant products, and only a third of the products of animal origin. However, among both types of foods are those that most effectively prevent the development of cancer.



Vegetables and fruits are full of anticancer substances, and the more intense the colors, the more valuable ingredients they contain. Eating a lot of them has another, additional beneficial effect – it helps maintain a healthy body weight. The greater the overweight, the greater the risk of some types of cancer, including colon and kidneys.

Your goal should be eating 5 portions of vegetables and fruit a day.


Healing breakfast

Folic acid is an important part of the diet that prevents the development of large intestines, anus and breasts. It is found in wholemeal and fortified breakfast cereals, as well as in oranges, melons and strawberries. Other sources include asparagus, eggs, chicken liver, legume seeds, spinach, and Roman lettuce.


Be careful with meat

In the anti-cancer diet should not be found meat products. The more processed the product, the more unhealthy it is. Therefore, it is important to choose good-quality meat and prepare it healthy.



It is not known whether it is a lycopene – a red dye contained in tomatoes or something else. There is no doubt, however, that tomatoes reduce the risk of cancer, including prostate cancer. Processed tomatoes in the form of ready sauces, juices or pastes have a similar effect



But not every! Only green has the ability to prevent and slow down the development of cancer, including cancer of the breast, large intestine, liver, prostate, lungs and skin. Scientifically proven! Green tea also protects against the development of stomach, bladder and pancreatic tumors.



Dark vodka and juice squeezed out contain resveratrol, which has a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. This results in the inhibition of cellular processes that can lead to the transformation of cells into cancer cells. Good news – resveratrol is also found in red wine, but …


Carefully with alcohol

Tumors of the breast, mouth, throat and esophagus are often associated with alcohol abuse. The same is true for stomach and rectal cancer. Even adhering to the general recommendations (one drink for women and two for men per day) increases the risk of cancer as compared to people avoiding alcohol. Therefore, if there is an increased risk of cancer in your family, such as breasts, try to avoid high-proof beverages.



Drinking water not only quenches thirst but also prevents bladder cancer. It reduces the concentration of potentially harmful substances and quickly eliminates them from the body, which shortens their contact with the walls of the bladder.



Legume seeds contain many valuable substances that have the ability to inhibit the development of tumors and inhibit the secretion of cancer-destroying substances surrounding the tumor cells.



The whole family of cruciferous vegetables, ie broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts, contain substances capable of inhibiting the growth of colon, breast, brain and lung cancer.


Green leaves

All leafy vegetables with an intense green color (lettuce, spinach, kale, leaves of beetroot, but also chicory) contain a lot of fiber, folic acid and carotenoids, which have anticancer activity, protecting their amateurs against cancer of the mouth, throat, pancreas, lungs, skin and stomach.



Curcumin is a spice ingredient popular in India – turmeric, which has proven anticancer activity.


Food processing matters

How you prepare meat can be of paramount importance to your health. Frying, grilling and baking at very high temperatures promotes the formation of substances that increase the risk of cancer. Cooking, stewing and steaming significantly reduces the amount of poisons produced. To reduce their adverse effects on health, always eat a large portion of vegetables with a portion of meat.



Anticancer superproduct! It contains a huge amount of antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, being the germ of many unfavorable processes in the human body, including cancer. Eat them fresh in the summer season and frozen throughout the year. Make cocktails out of them, add to breakfast cereals, sprinkle with salads.


Carefully with sugar

Excess sugar in the diet affects not only the line, but also health, favoring the development of cancer. First, it fits in, and overweight favors cancer, and secondly it creates ideal conditions for the formation of inflammatory conditions, which may under unfavorable conditions transform into cancerous changes.



Yes, if they come from natural products, because then they are easily absorbed. That is why a healthy diet should be one of the basic elements of a lifestyle that prevents cancer.

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