Are grapefruits slim?

Is it true that eating grapefruit helps you lose weight? It’s possible – say scientists.

In studies lasting 12 weeks, it was found that obese people who ate three halves of grapefruit before each of the three meals lost weight more than obese people who did not eat grapefruit.

It was also observed that eating these fruits reduces insulin insensitivity in people suffering from metabolic syndrome and therefore at risk of diabetes.

The studies also checked the efficacy of grapefruit juice and capsules with grapefruit extract. It turned out that they work, but not as effective as eating natural fruit.


A combination of effective actions

If a slimming person is going on a diet and starts to exercise, supporting his actions with eating greyscales, his chances of success may be greater. If, however, someone at the same time uses any medication, before reaching for grapefruit, he should consult a doctor, because this fruit can come into the remedy with medications.

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