Are nuts fattening or helping to lose unnecessary kilograms?

Nuts helpful in dropping unnecessary kilograms

Do nuts fatten or help you lose unnecessary kilograms? People on a diet usually stick to nuts from the distance, unnecessarily, because nuts can effectively help in losing unnecessary kilograms.

Nuts are a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, vegetable protein and fiber, They provide valuable B vitamins, vitamins protecting against free radicals such as vitamins A and E. They are also a source of minerals – the most important of them are magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc These ingredients affect normal metabolism and reduce the feeling of hunger if they are delivered in the right amount.In addition, the nuts contain valuable biologically active plant substances, such as polyphenols, of which flavonoids have a scientifically advanced action to counteract the development of metabolic diseases and limit the The healthiest diets, like the Mediterranean diet, recommend eating a handful of nuts daily, which is approximately 30 g. However, due to the high calorie content and fears of excessive kilos, many people refuse to takeIt turns out that it is unnecessary.

Do nuts fatten?

Energy diet higher, for example, by 3500 kcal (eg 350 kcal for 10 days) than the energy expenditure of the body will increase the fat content in the body by an average of about 0.45 kg  – you can read in the manual for dietetics. Such knowledge is passed on in schools and colleges, but is calorie equal to calories? It turns out that no, at least not in the case of nuts.

Scientists from various research centers around the world have found out that their work has been published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 20 different medical trials were compared in the review study. Observed, inter alia, the influence of nuts on weight gain The results of the study turned out to be surprising, in many of them no weight gain was observed or it was statistically insignificant.


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Are peanuts or Italian fattening?

Scientists from the University of Navarra in Spain came to similar conclusions, adding 3 handfuls of peanut per day to the study’s diet, according to the formula, they should weight around 3.6 kg during the test. As it turned out, this amount of extra calories contributed to the increase in body weight by only less than a kilogram.3

A similar discovery was made by American scientists from the School of Public Health, Loma Linda University.4 For 6 months they studied a group of people who consumed a handful of walnuts daily, according to specialists, they should weigh 5.3 kg. Meanwhile, at the end of the study their weight she showed an average of only 0.4 kilos more than at the beginning of the test, which is much less than expected.

In another test, American scientists from the University of California recommended subjects eat one to two handfuls of walnuts daily for 6 weeks, no differences in body weight were noted, then the subjects switched to a low-fat diet and lost weight. from one to two handfuls of nuts a day, no changes in the weight of the subjects were noted.

Can almonds contribute to weight gain?

Researchers from the already mentioned Loma Linda University in another study, which lasted 6 months, added 320 kcal extra to the daily energy balance, which came from almonds, in which case the weight and mathematical equations of calorimetry also failed, adding 40 to the diet 50 pieces of almonds per day should cause an increase in body weight of over 7 kilograms, it turned out that the subjects did not exceed 0.11 kg of body mass gain, the change was statistically so small that it should not even be taken into consideration. because they are hundreds of extra calories consumed regularly every day.

A study by specialists from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Louisiana State University (US) also noted a slight increase in weight after being included in the almond diet, which was five times lower than expected, but this included other changes in the diet, so it does not such a reliable view of the situation.


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