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Banana instead of sports drink?

Bananas have long been a favorite snack for athletes because they contain large amounts of potassium and other nutrients, and at the same time they are easy to take with them for training. Now it turned out that they have even more advantages.


Research conducted at the Appalachian State University’s Human Performance Lab in the USA has proven that bananas can successfully replace sports drinks and have an advantage over them include antioxidants that are missing in these beverages. They are also more nutritious due to the content of fiber, potassium and vitamin B6. Their composition also includes carbohydrates that are more beneficial to the body.

During the study, trained cyclists consumed every 15 minutes of effort either a glass of sports drink or a half of a banana. The training lasted 2.5-3 hours and simulated the start in the race over a distance of 75 km. Athletes collected blood samples before and after exercise and analyzed them for more than 100 metabolites – substances related to metabolism.


Researchers have summarized the results of their research as follows a whole range of athletes and amateur sports people who are not convinced to use sports drinks that contain carbohydrates and are actually flavored, sweetened water. They do not have to do it because there is a healthier source of energy that can be used before and after the exercise – banana. Eating it to the same extent facilitates physical exercise, like drinking a sports drink.

Nature is the mountain!

You just have to remember that eating a banana is not a way to effectively water your body. So banana + water!

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