Beetroot – nutritional value and healing properties

Beets reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which is why beetroot juice should drink people at risk of bone turnover, especially ladies during menopause.

Do you know that beet has really healing properties, it owes it to betalains – the same dyes that occur, among others, in spinach, thanks to which we have better resistance, we age slowly and prevent the occurrence of cancer. Glass of beet juice can do wonders it will protect you from runny nose, free you from heartburn, lower blood pressure and give you strength.

The healing properties and nutritional value of beets are known not only in Poland. The beet has been popular for at least 4000 years on the Mediterranean Sea, when wild beet was known. The healing properties of beet were also appreciated by the ancient Babylonians, followed by the Greeks and Romans. the latter have so tasted in this vegetable that they even began to eat its puny roots, which is why they tried to increase their size, it was not until the Italian gardeners in the 16th century that the beetroots became more diverse now and today we know beetroot, fodder and sugar which they did a stunning career in Napoleon’s time, when in Europe deprived of supply of sugar from the reed, new methods of obtaining it began to be sought.

Beets strengthen the circulatory system

Although beets are not a rich source of iron, it is a wonderful hematopoietic agent, long recognized by natural medicine .It prevents anemia and, moreover, supports leukemia treatment.The beetroot colorants belong to very strong antioxidants and increase the absorption of oxygen by the cells four times. circulatory system.

Folic acid, in which beets abound, not only determines the proper development of the fetus, but also helps to remove homocysteine ​​from the bloodstream – its high level can cause heart disease. Beets help normalize cholesterol levels, also counteract calcification of the blood vessels.

They should be eaten by hypertensive patients – researchers have proven that nitrates present in beet juice increase the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood, which is interesting, the higher the pressure of patients, the stronger the nitrate effect.

Beet Shot

Anti-cancer properties of beets

The beautiful color of beets is due to betanin – an antioxidant that protects against the damaging effects of free radicals. Because of this, beetroots are the most effective way to fight cancer, which destroys free radicals that damage DNA and contribute to the formation of cancer. that the condition of patients suffering from cancer of the digestive tract or bladder, who drank 2 cups of raw beet juice per day, is improving, and today we also know that beets support the body after chemotherapy, with anemia.

Beets have a high glycemic index

Patients with diabetes should not eat beet because even in their beetroot variety there is a lot of sugar (the glycemic index of beets is high, IG = 64), while for children and adolescents, and also pregnant women, especially those who are exposed to folic acid deficiency and anemia, beetroot dishes are very advisable Beers are low in calories – they have only 33 kcal in 100 g.

Beets help in the fight against viruses

Beet in any form strengthens the body’s resistance to diseases, especially viral diseases, so if we get influenza or mononucleosis (an infectious disease that resembles acute purulent angina, but also causes significant enlargement of the spleen and liver), let’s drink beet juice. he will relieve their course, beetroots also have an expectorant effect, so they help with coughing.

Principle action of beets

Thanks to its alkaline-forming properties, beets restore the balance in the stomach after acidifying meats and sweets. The traditional combination of this rabbit and venison dish has a very deep justification, and beetroots also mitigate the effects of alcohol abuse.


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