Blackberries – health properties. What vitamins and minerals are rich blackberries?

Blackberry has a lot of health-promoting properties.Thanks to the solid antioxidants, which are inhibitors of carcinogens, they are one of the main elements of the anti-cancer diet.” Blackberries are also a rich source of fiber, which reduces the absorption of unhealthy fats and thus reduces the risk of heart disease. metabolism, thanks to which they are a desirable ingredient of a slimming diet. Check what other health properties have blackberries.

Blackberry, also called a coral or spring, looks reminiscent of a raspberry, but its shoots are longer and much more spiky than raspberry shoots, and fruits are most often dark purple or black.

The healing properties of blackberries have already been used in traditional folk medicine, juice was produced on the basis of blackberries, which was then used for colds and to strengthen the body and fight minor infections.


Blackberries can prevent cancer

In anti-cancer prevention, diet is one of the most important factors, and blackberries are rich in several strong antioxidants that destroy free radicals that contribute to the formation of cancer cells

anthocyanins (according to the researchers, one compound of cyanidin-3-glucoside deserves special attention because it is supposed to significantly prevent skin cancer)

ellagic acid

phenolic acids

Due to the high content of antioxidants, blackberries have been placed on the ORAC list (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), which is a list of products that highly protect the body from the damaging effects of reactive oxygen.” According to Dr. Ronald Priori from The US Department of Agriculture Research Service \ “By increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially those with a high ORAC value, you can significantly increase the level of antioxidants in the bloodstream by up to 15-20 percent.


Blackberries support the work of the circulatory system due to the content of 3 substances

Anthocyanins – they increase capillary elasticity and strengthen and detoxify the heart

Vitamin C, which increases cell immunity. The daily requirement for vitamin C is 70 mg.The acarine in 100 g contains 21 mg of this valuable vitamin, therefore a glass of blackberry covers 60%.daily demand for ascorbic acid.

Fiber – one glass of blackberry covers 30 percentdaily fiber requirement, which limits the absorption of unhealthy fats and thus reduces the risk of heart disease


Blackberries for healthy bones

Black vitamin K is an important element in the formation of the correct form of osteocalcin (a protein found in bone tissue.) Vitamin K deficiency can lead to abnormal osteocalcin production, which in turn can reduce bone density and increase the risk of fractures.

In addition, blackberries contain two interacting minerals, calcium and magnesium, which are involved in the formation of bone tissue.

Magnesium is necessary for the proper absorption of calcium in the bones, while calcium is the basic building block of bones.


Blackberries regulate blood sugar

Blackberries belong to products with a low glycemic index (IG blackberry = 25), therefore they can be consumed by diabetics.

The more so because they contain a large amount of fiber, which slows the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract, thus helping to maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood.

In addition, researchers at the University of Illinois found that blackberries also contain other compounds that effectively inhibit the enzymes responsible for the absorption of carbohydrates.

The results of their study show that blackberries effectively inhibit the action of two basic carbohydrate metabolism – alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase. Scientists assume that blackberries can be just as effective as anti-diabetic drugs.

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