Brain doping – supplements for students

After three months of rest from studying, when it’s time to go back to uni and lecturers don’t care that your brain is still in Hawaii; it’s time to quickly get back on the right track. Proper supplementation support that will help the nervous system seems to be a great idea here, so that you can quickly implement your university requirements so that you have the advantage over others.

As a preliminary point, it should be noted that supplements are usually only dietary supplements. An appropriately composed diet will be the main form of brain support. However, in case of muscle mass building, we focus on delivering highly nutrient, rich ingredients that will promote the building of new muscle proteins. In case of brain function, it’s important what energy you supply, but it’s also important to avoid foods that are an anti-nutritional supplement and interfere with the function of the nervous system. However, this topic requires a separate discussion.

What supplements used for start-up?

In order to effectively support brain work and the functioning of the entire nervous system, we should be interested in supplements that will help us restore proper functioning of brain cells, for example by feeding them. Some of these are:

  • Omega 3, in the amount of about 1-3g per day, depending on needs
  • Magnesium, 300-500mg per day in the form of supplements, mainly before bedtime
  • B vitamins in the methylated form, to breakfast a portion of the complex,
  • Caffeine in the amount of 200-300mg before mental activity,
  • Tyrosine, 1-3g before mental activity
  • Gotu Kola, 400-500mg per day,
  • Bacopa Monnieri, 400-500mg per day.

These supplements belong to the group of nutrients as well as adaptogens, which perfectly support the adaptation of the nervous system to changes in its working conditions. They will help in regeneration, faster rest. They will help you sleep, which will increase your concentration as well as the pace of learning.

Long-term study support

As we know, the beginning of an academic year is nothing compared to what happens usually at the end of a given semester or a year where you have to go through the ocean of tests, colloquia and exams. It’s important to systematically show mental activity, which can be supplemented with the help of such preparations as:

  • Choline, from 300 to 1000mg per day, can be divided into 3 doses,
  • Noopept, 30 to 100mg daily in 3 doses during the day.
  • Ashwagandha, 600mg daily, minimum 5% witanolides
  • Mountain bream, from 500 to 1000mg per day
  • Ginkgo biloba extract, about 40mg daily
  • 5-HTP about 50-100mg before bedtime

Supercharging before the exams

True, nothing will provide good support on the exam as your level of knowledge, achieved through systematic learning. However, sometimes tiredness and fatigue, which falls on everyone during the exam period, requires ad-hoc action. Here you can use stimulants, which for the period of 2-3 hours will maximally increase the level of energy and concentration. It is important to test this type of substances before the exam time to check the tolerance of our body. We can use a mixture such as:

  • caffeine 200mg
  • tyrosine 3000mg
  • AMP citrate 10mg
  • DMBA 10mg
  • DMAE 300mg
  • Choline 150mg
  • L-teanine 200mg
  • Noopept 10mg
  • ALCAR 150mg

The above mentioned components can usually be used by advanced people, not only before the major exam but also as a “last resort” to pull an all-nighter with the books when we remember that we have an exam the next day. Substances should be taken 2h after a meal, 30-40 minutes before planned mental activity.

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