Breakfast? Why is it so important?

It is known that eating breakfast positively affects health. But what breakfast is the best? Why is it always referred to as the most important meal of the day? In the article below, on the European Day of Breakfast, we will answer these questions and dispel your doubts.

Probably more than once you heard the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a prince and dinner like a beggar” … Should we actually do this? How much of this statement is the truth? As it turns out our great-grandfathers, they knew what is best for our health. The confirmation of the above words is a study comparing the impact on the body of high-calorie meals consumed during breakfast or dinner, published in 2013 in the journal Obesity.

Researchers have found that people who provide high-calorie foods to the body during breakfast have a greater chance of losing weight and reducing waist circumference than people who deliver most of their daily caloric intake at dinner time. In addition, people who ate breakfasts more than dinners had significantly lower levels of insulin, glucose and triglycerides throughout the day. As is known, the low level of the above parameters (maintained in the norm) is a prophylactic factor that protects against civilization diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension or overweight, and eventually obesity.

Regardless of whether your goal is weight loss or maintaining your health, it is the conscious eating of healthy food that is the basic element necessary to achieve them. Properly selected nutrients, adjusted to health, the rhythm of the day and work, activity, not only promote weight loss, but also contribute to providing the body with energy for work and daily activities, are responsible for the mood and can also protect against diseases. As the researchers from the University of Tel Aviv suggest, not only does it matter what you eat, but when.

The metabolism with which the daily rhythm of the body “works” is greatly affected not only by the type of food, but also by the time it is consumed. Benefits of eating “rich” breakfasts, presented by prof. Daniella Jakubowicz, reached far beyond the lost kilograms and centimeters.

93 obese women participated in the study. In order to check how the calorific value of individual meals affects health, the participants were randomly divided into two groups. Every woman consumed a diet with moderate carbohydrate and fat content, with a calorie of 1400 kcal for 12 weeks. The people from the first group were allocated 700 kcal for breakfast, 500 kcal for lunch and 200 kcal for dinner. In turn, the second group received 200 kcal for breakfast, 500 kcal for lunch and 700 kcal for dinner. Both breakfast and dinner with calorie 700 calories consisted of the same dishes.

At the end of the study in the group of “large breakfasts” there was a reduction in body weight of about 8 kg, which is over 2.5 times more compared to the group “large dinners”. According to prof. Jakubowicz is the hormone – ghrelin (responsible for the feeling of hunger), which in people who eat high-calorie breakfasts was significantly lower, influenced the regulation of hunger and giving up snacking. An additional advantage of eating breakfast like a king is the lack of glucose jumps. High glucose spikes, which are often observed after eating a meal, are dangerous to health, due to the accompanying increase in blood pressure and thus the load on the heart. It has a more severe effect on health than long-term high levels of glucose.

In order to optimize weight loss and maintain health, it is worth considering and verify the current schedule of meals consumed. Even eating in accordance with the principles of proper nutrition, but at the wrong time, can be harmful. People who eat the largest portions of the day during supper, also often go for “night snacks”. An innocent cookie or piece of chocolate in front of the TV or computer is one of the factors responsible for the obesity epidemic in the world. Although it would seem like a small bite of pleasure during a match, romantic movie or work, it can cost a lot.

Surely you already know the reasons why so much emphasis is placed on making the breakfast a healthy start to the day. So, go ahead and try starting a new day with power and energy tomorrow. Who is writing? I certainly!

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