Cabbage with peas – nutritional values

Cabbage with peas is a dish whose nutritional value is usually appreciated once a year – during Christmas Eve supper, which is a shame, because cabbage with peas, potatoes, bacon, sausage or mushrooms has many health properties. Check how many calories ( kcal) has cabbage with peas and what nutritional value it has.

Cabbage with peas is a dish – usually Christmas Eve – with the main ingredients of sauerkraut, peas and spices.O cabbage with peas can be served in various ways.It is popular cabbage with peas and potatoes, sweet cabbage with peas and bacon, sausage or As a rule, the Christmas cabbage with peas takes the form of a fast dish without bacon, cracklings or roux.However, some people, to improve its taste, add small amounts of crumbs and roux.

Cabbage with peas – composition

The basic ingredients of the dish are sauerkraut and shelled peas, sometimes the chopped onion, fried on vegetable oil, or a roux prepared from wheat flour and lard is added to the taste. The cabbage with peas is seasoned with salt, pepper, marjoram or caraway. or the third day after preparation.

Cabbage with peas – nutritional values ​​and calories (kcal)

Christmas Eve cabbage with peas without the addition of lard, bacon and roux is a low-calorie dish – in 100 g there is only 79 kcal, the cabbage with peas, bacon and roux is more caloric, which is why these versions should be avoided by slimming people.

In 100 g cabbage with peas there are small amounts of vitamins and minerals, but a portion of cabbage and peas cover a few percent of the daily demand mainly for vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, phosphorus and iron. Rasps, lard or bacon, in addition to being low in calories, does not contain cholesterol, unfortunately, cabbage with peas is hard to digest, so it should not be consumed by people with digestive system diseases and digestive problems.


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