Can you make up for a lack of sleep with coffee?

Many young people, instead of sleeping, spend nights watching movies, partying or learning late. While short-term shortening of sleep should not bring drastic consequences, for a bodybuilder every wasted hour of sleep may prove impossible to catch up. 


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In a mad pursuit, many people try to make up for sleep deficiencies by overusing stimulants (eg high doses of beta-agonists). Recently, researchers 1 checked how 237 ml of water or 237 ml of coffee (100 mg of caffeine) affect concentration and attention in long-term work. Measurements were made after 30, 90 and 120 minutes. Coffee improved the reaction time, regardless of how much time the respondents slept. 

Coffee increased the number of mistakes made and only partially reduced the number of errors resulting from oversight in people with poor quality sleep. The use of coffee can, paradoxically, be harmful in situations requiring control over executive functions, the component of which is the inhibition of the reaction. Inhibition (inhibition) allows you to keep attention to the task, despite the distracting stimuli, associated with the ability to self-control. It allows you to stop and think instead of acting on the impulse. Allows you to concentrate, maintain attention and prioritize, that is, assigning rank to actions.

The application of coffee and other stimulants do not have to be a good solution for people sleeping briefly or for various reasons with poor quality sleep. 


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