Cheat meal – a stepping stone from reduction regime

The claim that a reduction diet is a period in which one should not have a springboard from a strictly defined table of meals is, of course, untrue. So what is a “cheated meal” and why is it so often used during reduction?
A cheat meal is a well-known element of the diet that is used by more and more bodybuilders. What exactly is it? This is a deviation from the diet in the form of one favorite meal. The cheated meal should be a substitute for a standard meal during a diet, for a meal that is our favorite dish (not necessarily 100% healthy), for example a good dinner, kebab, pizza, hamburger etc. This diet is especially recommended for people who are in the process of reduction adipose tissue. They have the possibility of a small springboard from the diet, without fear of losing the effects.

Why a cheated meal makes sense during reduction?

Already after the first days of the reduction diet (in the period in which you are on a negative caloric balance) your metabolism slows down, hunger increases and more and more mass is sacrificed for the benefit of energy for the body. If you are on a caloric deficit, the thyroid gradually releases the metabolism (this happens because of the insufficient amount of calories delivered to the body).

The result of this is a decrease in the level of thyroid hormones by about 30% (for all metabolic changes in the body is mainly the thyroid). Providing a cheated meal will bring more benefits than losses. Cheat meal will stimulate the thyroid for further work, which will contribute to its proper functioning – it will stimulate metabolism. It can help to speed up metabolism and can strengthen muscle anabolism.

Another very important reason for using a cheated meal is the psychological aspect. Thanks to the possibility of eating your favorite meal after a few / a dozen days of keeping the diet, it will be easier to stay with a healthy break. Cheat meal can be treated as a reward for maintaining your diet for the last days!

How often can you use a cheat meal?

It is recommended to use a cheat meal no more than once a week. It’s best to treat this meal as a reward for keeping your diet for a week. If this form of meal were to be used each day, the reduction effects would be unnoticeable and even reverse than planned. Cheat meal can not be an accidental day, you have to plan it yourself. Why? If you plan to go to a pizza or hamburger restaurant on a Saturday, it can be a lot easier to maintain your diet during the week – because of the reward that awaits you during the weekend.

Can a cheated meal harm you?

Many people perceive the cheat meal badly. The cheated meal is to be a substitute for a standard meal, which is an inherent element of the diet. If the cheat meal is understood as “eat what you want and how much you want”, it may contribute to too much calories delivered from this meal, which will result in an overstated caloric dose. It should be remembered that despite the daily counting of calories, it is equally important that the weekly caloric pool agrees. For example, if you consume 3000kcal per day, and a cheated meal will contain 4500kcal (not counting the remaining meals during the day), the caloric supply to your body calculated per week will be much higher than you planned. The effect of this may be a failed reduction.

When should I use a cheat meal?

Anyone who has ever been on a reduction diet knows that its beginnings are the easiest. The most difficult moment comes after a few weeks, when the body requires more calories, and the mind is not anything but favorite dishes. If the reduction period is longer (we have a large calorie deficit) – this is the perfect time to start using cheated meals. Remember, however, not to start a reduction diet including cheat meal from the very beginning.


Regardless of whether you are fat reduction or when building muscle mass, a cheated meal is a good solution to not stop diet. Turning up the metabolism, as well as the reward for the weekly dietary maintenance are the main elements for the use of this form of meal. Keep your diet at 100% throughout the week, and once a week, allow yourself a springboard – a cheated meal that will give you more energy.

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