Chromium accelerates the burning of fats, inhibits the wolf’s appetite

Chromium is an element that accelerates fat burning and inhibits wolf appetite, which is why tablets for slimming with chromium are very popular.Also, chromium watches over the cholesterol level, soothes headaches, calms – so it is worth taking care that we do not run out. What are the properties of chromium that has been used, what are the symptoms of deficiency and excess of chromium and the best sources in food.

Chromium (Cr, Latin chromium) is one of the micronutrients (the so-called trace element), which is necessary for the body to function properly. Although we only have about 6 mg of chromium in the body, the uniqueness of this trace element is that it takes part in many metabolic processes, but the most important function of chromium is to stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin and participate in the transformation of carbohydrates and proteins.

Chromium Picolinate

Chrome and diabetes, chrome reduces blood sugar

Chrome protects against type 2 diabetes and helps regulate blood glucose levels – when the body has enough chromium, it uses insulin better and therefore the blood glucose levels in people who are not quite sensitive to insulin reach the right level.

‘In clinical trials in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes, dietary supplementation with chromium resulted in a reduction in fasting glucose, increased glucose tolerance, and lowering insulin levels. Chromium supplementation is therefore used to treat impaired glucose tolerance (hypoglycaemia and diabetes) . However, it should be noted that people with diabetes should not take chromium without consulting a doctor, and chromium may affect the dose of insulin or other pharmacological agents used to treat the disease.

It’s good to know that chromium is part of the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GFT), which is essential for proper glucose metabolism and insulin action. In addition to chromium, this substance includes, among others, niacin, glycine, glutamic acid and cysteine.


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Chrome and slimming

One of the basic ways to accelerate weight loss is to increase the sensitivity of the body’s cells to insulin, in which the role can play chromium.¹ Chrom, regulating blood sugar, inhibits wolf hunger attacks, reduces appetite, sometimes eliminates the appetite for sweets. this chromium accelerates fat burning.

How Much Can You Lose Weight Using Chrome? Many papers have been published in which attempts have been made to assess the effect of chromium supplementation on body weight and compositions (ratio of fat and muscle tissue) in healthy and diseased people

However, in most cases the results were not staggering.Therefore, slimming tablets with chromium may not always be effective.

Chrome regulates cholesterol

Chromium also stimulates the synthesis of fatty acids and is responsible for the transport of amino acids into cells. It is part of many digestive enzymes.It can prevent atherosclerosis, affecting the maintenance of a balance between good cholesterol (HDL) and bad (LDL) levels.

Chromium deficiency – symptoms

It is assumed that an adult needs 0.05-0.2 mg a day.More should be given to people who play sports, work hard physically or are on a high-sugar diet, because they excrete more of this element in the urine.Different diet covers the demand for chrome.


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